2.2.6 Human UFO

The honest signal of happiness is the cornerstone of my theory. I have introduced the notion in a previous post (here). Without it, my theory collapse like a house of cards. Honesty commands to recognize that it is not described in any scientific study. Nowadays the scientific emphasis is laid on DNA and genes which are supposed to explain everything. Certainly, genes are a far reaching discovery but we chew bones and don’t see the banquet next door. DNA is seducing in so far it reduces us to a genetic program that will be one day understandable. Moreover DNA is visible, material and subject to experience. By modifying the drosophila fly genes, you obtain a partially unrecognizable mutant. The link between genotype and phenotype is a fact and the related studies are exciting and full of promises. However this not the end of the story for it is necessary to link the phenotype to the environment. This is precisely where dominance as it is defined in this blog intervenes. All archaic dominances are based upon violence should it be effective or ritualized. It is visible and conscious. Two males fight or bully each other. This results in the group fully aware that there is a winner. This is simple. Modern dominance as I try to unmask in this blog is a soft dominance based on a synthetic happiness indicator which shows to the brain its level of adaptation to its environment and guide it toward what it becomes through a sophisticated system of punishment (low mood) and reward (high mood). This indicator is accessible to the brain must also be known to the rest of the group. Therefore a belt of transmission is necessary between the happy/unhappy mental state and the rank in the dominance hierarchy. The honest dominance signal is the ideal ethological concept to account for this information transmission. Of course I will not deny that there are other dominance vectors which play a similar role. However traits are not honest whereas the happiness signal does not lie because the transmitter/receiver of the signal is not under conscious control of the individual. Moreover a dominance trait, per se, hasn’t been approved by Mother Nature. Nothing tells her that except happiness. I want to stress again that the perception and the generation of the message are subconscious. It is as though natural selection had implemented a common program for each human being. It executes itself without their knowledge for the species sake whose main interest lies in the dominant reproduction. I tend to manipulate notion like happiness, however we don’t live in a bed of roses. Natural selection is cruel even though it has chosen happiness as criterion in it secret strategy and as universal link between human beings.

Again, this honest dominance signal in human being is unknown from scientists who are keener on studying the dominance expression from traits (Shape of the jaws, size, testosterone levels…). I know for sure that it exists because I have experimented it. In episode III, I experienced an incredible change with a constant DNA. Hence I think the signal is the most rational explanation. It accounts for the exceptional reproductive success of the gurus. The scientific experiment is difficult because the normodominance rules out the signal in favor of visible dominance traits. However, in some cases, it seldom breaks through the surface. They are so exceptional that large experimental data are missing. But they do exist. Le Dinh and Hubbard are just dwarf compared to them. They leave visible footprints in history. Before starting to talk about one these human UFOs, I would like to continue and clarify what I mean by honest happiness signal.

Most notably, it is the projection of the summarized fitness inner representation (i.e. the mood) in the external world. The representation of the mood is conscious. However you don’t know if you are happier than someone else. Happiness is the sentiment of dominance. Unconscious honest signaling just conveys the message. Dominance as defined in this blog is a primary regulating function of the brain which receives information from the outside world, process them and regulates body and mind accordingly. This regulating function is of course cybernetic for it is massively submitted to billions of retroaction loops. It will take into account the modification it has itself triggered in the mind and the body. Whenever it detects a positive adjustment to the environment, it reinforces the body and mind triggers. However, if it detects a fitness failure, it will push you to try something else or it will give in. Am I describing correctly mania and depression here?

Flocking to the winning side is the first axiom that you learn in strategy. This is a simple and efficient strategy. Reinforcement is just that. Why do we make progress? Why do we learn? Why do we want to be less stupid than yesterday? Why sometime we live and learn? Why sometime we walk away? Because we want to climb the ladder of the dominance hierarchy (let’s call like that for now) which fit ourselves, mind, body, and genes. Dominance hierarchies of the human species are numerous and this is our main feature. They are more and more demanding these days. Hence fitness is still a modern concept. We’ll get back on dominance hierarchies in next posts. We’ll learn what is dominance hierarchy and domination hierarchy. Honest signaling and dominance hierarchy are well known concept in ethology. Other honest signaling exists in the animal world. Some species use pheromones to indicate their dominance. We’ll try to understand this subtle variable signal in human being. It is a signal and not a trait. The limbic brain secretly signals that it is happy and dominant at a given time.

The receiver of the signal will react according to its gender. Woman will detect its intensity without being aware of it. Its intensity will determine their behavior vis à vis the male of the species. A loud and clear “come on” will be conveyed to a happy dominant. Even if he is not particularly beautiful, women will say that the happy chosen one has got charm. We know this vocabulary too much. Charm is like charisma. We know the word but we don’t know where it comes from. This accounts for the unexpected tastes of women when it comes to selecting a mating partner. Natural selection keeps its strategies secret. “What does he have that I don’t” is the usual love song which doesn’t go the charts… Women’s criteria are submitted to the rule of the evolution. Even though that they are not aware of them. Natural selection act like to act behind the scene and surely rely on the happiness signal which indicates fitness (i.e. adaptation to the environment).

Of course, all other so called dominance traits (strength, beauty) are taken into accounts by the female. However, if you are fit but unhappy, you won’t be attractive (and not probably good sex). Happiness is the fundamental link between dominance traits and their utilization in the environment. Nietzsche said that genius was equivalent to have a huge ear. The result of this imbalance is disgraceful. Only happiness can summarize in an indicator the combination of dominance traits system adapted to the environment. If natural selection would take into account one dominant trait, we would have become an disgraceful and unfit assembly of dominance trait. We conclude again that thoughts were determined by this summarized happiness indicator because it accounts for the whole body and mind adaptation to the environment. We are in essence a balance. If this balance has a representation somewhere in the body and if it is used by the natural selection, then no wonder that blind instinct were counterbalanced by the germinating intelligence.

Males will also receive the message and they will be submissive without being aware of it. The dominance signal will interfere in the neocortex like wind in the trees. The content of the signal propagated to all functions of the brain by the limbic system is : “Be submissive, he will make you happy thus more dominant, he’s got a huge potential in resource accumulation, he will bring security and stability”. The male behavior will be conciliatory whenever he comes to terms with a strong dominance signal. In Pleistocene, the coherence and stability of the tribes was ensured by the regulating function of the dominant. This kept violence to a minimum.

Let’s don’t forget that one can be happy because he’s endowed with physical strength which can be correctly applied to the environment. The happiness honest signal is amoral. It cumulates in a synthetic indicator all components necessary to the fitness. This does include the threat of violence by physical strength. However violence tends to disappear as a representation of dominance in society for humankind seems nowadays evolved enough to leave its state of ape and to understand that violence and happiness is not a good blend. In order to maximize our survival chance, you need to maximize the happiness of everyone (i.e. the adaptation of everyone). The more we are fit, the more everyone, together, resists the challenges of the environment. In a way we pattern with the strategy of cells that we are made of.

The happiness honest signal is one of the pillars of my theory and we will attempt to see its expression through a phenomenal case. The human UFO I want to talk about was born at the end of the 19 century and was nicknamed Rasputin or maybe was it was his real name. Rasputin was a lecher and a “moujik”. His parents were peasants. He was not especially at the lowest rank in the social hierarchy, he was not especially poor. He never resorted to violence. This qualifies him for our experimental protocol which excludes all forms of violence not because it is evil per se, but because our primary goal is to identify happiness dominance. This is a difficult exercise which confirms the saying of Heraclites: “Nature likes to hide itself”. He qualifies as an excellent Guinea pig as he cumulates all symptoms of dominance fluctuating to abnormal level.

Firstly, Rasputin was likely undergoing a sever bipolar disorder: « Grigori recovered from an acute fever but he went through uncontrollable periods of highs and lows (Source: French Wikipedia, didn’t find anything related in the English version). On top of that he had visions of the Virgin Mary. This looks like a short but complete picture of manic depressive patient. Our now familiar regulative system of dominance is at play here. It seems to be under control in the case of Rasputin which is not known to have spent time in mental institutions. Let’s call that a superdominance phenomenon. This happens when an individual is capable of undergoing high level of dominance because their DNA and what they have acquired enables them to resist this internal fire. They are then able to utilize this dominance bonus to satisfy their ambitions.

Secondly, let’s apply the checklist that we came up with in the pdoc show post. Rasputin is mystical; creates a religious blahblah tailor made for his hypersexuality (redemption through sin, how nice!) which will not harm him to reach the summit of the social hierarchy of imperial Russia. It seems that his lechery and alcoholism was forgiven. How a man can start at the lowest level of the dominance hierarchy and reach the summit and, at the same time, obeying to a very elastic sense of morality. If you consider that imperial Russia was a closed, stratified and faith driven society. How can this happen? It is as though Rasputin benefited from a special treatment, an attribute or a wild card that would facilitate his way up. Of course, this wild card or this social and ethological key clearly refers to the honest dominance signal. It is enough for me to read the French Wikipedia to get an idea as to where it is located and how it works:

« His sharp piercing eyes were difficult to stand by his female admirers and lot of them gave in to his hypnotic charm. Lots of them took him for lover and healer.

« Rasputin in black kaftan, messy hair, black beard, his soft and unbearable eyes” (Picture from a diplomat)

Source : L’ombre d’un doute (France 3, French Tv Channel) / Les secrets de la mort de Raspoutine, the secrets of Rasputin death.
(FR) « Est-ce que c’était un escroc ? Ou est-ce que c’était un illuminé ? Personne n’a de réponse, Il était un ignare, ce n’était pas un homme savant. Il a dit qu’il allait faire des études de théologie, il en imposait » «Ce n’était pas un homme ordinaire, c’est un homme qui avait en lui tout de même, une force, divinatoire je ne sais pas, mais en tout cas une force magnétique une force, une capacité à soulager c’est certains et aussi une capacité à fasciner et à dominer ». Hélène Carrère d’Encausse.
(EN) « Was he a swindle? Or was he a mystic? Nobody has any answers. He was ignorant, not educated. He stated that he would go for theology studies. He was self-assertive. He was no ordinary man, he was man endowed with a force, divine I don’t know, in all cases a magnetic force, a capacity to relieve, that’s for sure and also a capacity to fascinate and dominate. (Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, Historian, specialist of Russian history).

Source : Psychologie de la manipulation et de la soumission, Nicolas Guéguen
(FR) Le contact visuel pourrait avoir la même fonction mais plutôt que de permettre une différenciation statutaire comme c’est le cas du toucher, il semble plutôt conduire à une inférence du niveau de dominance à propos d’autrui.
(EN) The eye contact could have the same function. Rather than enabling a social status differentiation like touch does, it could lead to an inference as to the level of dominance of the other.

Bryan Adams / Everything I do I do it for you
Look into my eyes – you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart, search your soul
And when you find me there you’ll search no more


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