2.2.5 Techniques

In the previous post, have asserted an unusual vision of the sect reality based on my ethological theory of human dominance. In order to be perfectly complete, we need to examine the phenomenon as it is perceived by society, as we know it somehow. All in all, we know it through denunciation and we store it somewhere so that it is beyond our understanding and beyond our willingness to see it as it is. Thus the sect is a misty concept where a legion of blahblahing psychoanalyst can display their skills. God knows that they are silent in their expensive consultation but extremely talkative on all subjects elsewhere. We should pay for their silence in all cases. You don’t believe me? I’ll not resist the temptation to translate a report from the milivude. The Milivude is a French state-funded administration in charge of keeping an eye on the sect phenomena and identify the dangerous one. Maybe the French translation will not prove anything but I can assure you that in French, it feels pedantic. So here’s the psychoanalytical view on sect and the underlying dominance.

Source : rapport Mivilude 2006
(FR)Dans le cadre de l’idéologie, l’adhésion peut correspondre à une réaction à l’usure et à la perte de crédibilité des appareils sociaux, politiques et religieux. Du désenchantement à la révolte, le citoyen réagit négativement à l’afflux d’informations qu’il reçoit sans moyens de les analyser et encore moins d’agir. D’où la fascination pour ce qui lui est présenté comme radicalement alternatif – ou au moins, à défaut de fascination, la curiosité. À cela, s’ajoute la séduction de la cohérence d’un discours réducteur et l’harmonie apparente des thèses universalistes. Eugène Enriquez précise ce que contient le discours tenu par le groupe sectaire : « Message qui proclame la culpabilité du monde de la vie de tous les jours, la nécessité de la Rédemption et l’engendrement par la seule parole du maître de la nouvelle société. En même temps, il formule la forclusion de la mort (les individus ont une âme immortelle et seront sauvés), le caractère obligatoire de la relation duelle entre le maître et ses disciples (ce qui exclut le tiers, qui seul peut garantir contre l’indistinction et la fusion amoureuse ou hypnotique) et l’installation dans un imaginaire où tout est permis et le temps est aboli. Y a-t-il plus beau message à adresser à tous ceux qui craignent le règne d’une raison critique, sceptique, destructrice d’idoles ? Ces hommes, qui ont la nostalgie du père (Freud), qui ont été bercés par l’image d’un paradis « à portée de la main », ces hommes qui se sentent des ‘petits hommes [qui n’ont] aucune confiance dans leur pensée mais qui ont toute confiance en celle des grands, qui se disent au-dessus d’eux (car ils prennent le risque d’une parole neuve), comment ne seraient-ils pas séduits par un message qui leur donne tout, alors qu’ils ont le sentiment de ne rien posséder et de n’être rien. Mais un tel discours pourrait ne pas suffire. Il est nécessaire que ceux qui le reçoivent sachent qu’ils font partie des sauvés, des élus, donc de ceux qui peuvent reprendre un tel discours et s’en faire des missionnaires. Ils ont besoin de goûter eux aussi aux joies de la paranoïa, de relayer le propos, de se sentir revêtus d’une mission particulière, de pouvoir initier les nouveaux, de se voir confier la traque du mal. Tous paranoïaques ! Quel plaisir ! Les purs, les parfaits sont d’un côté, le mal de l’autre. Chacun a retrouvé son innocence originelle ». 
(EN)Within the frame of the ideology, the adhesion can correspond to a reaction to the wear and credibility loss of the social, political and religious systems. From disenchantment to revolt, citizens negatively react to the inflow of information that they receive without analysis and even less action capabilities. Hence the fascination which will be on for whatever is presented as radically alternative – If fascination is missing, you can still rely on curiosity. On top of this, you’ve got seduction from consistency of reductive speeches and apparent harmony of universal thesis. Eugène Enriquez makes the content of speech more accurate: «The message claims the guilt of the everyday life world, the necessity of redemption and the generation of the new through from the sole word of the master. At the same time, the guru formulates the foreclosure of death (individuals will have an immortal soul and will be saved), the mandatory feature of the dual relationship between the master and its disciples (this excludes any third party, who only can bring guarantee against the indistinctness and against the loving or hypnotic fusion) and the implementation of a fantasy world where everything is permitted and where time is abolished. Is there any other beautiful message to convey to those who fear the rule of a critical, skeptical and idol destroying rational mind? These men, who are nostalgic of the father (Freud), who were used to a heaven “at hand”, these men, who are feeling themselves as ‘small men who have no confidence in their own thoughts’, trust though the ones of the great. These men, who think themselves as above themselves (because they take the risk of a new word), how can they be not seduced by a message that gives them all, whereas they have the feeling to possess and be nothing. However such speech might not be sufficient. It is necessary, for those who receive it, to know that they will be part of the saved ones, of the chosen ones who can embody the message and make a missionary work out of it. They need, themselves also, to enjoy the taste of paranoia and to spread the speech. Thus they feel themselves chosen for a particular mission. They are able to initiate the newbie and are given responsibility to fight evil. Everyone paranoid! What a pleasure! The pure and the perfect are on one side, evil is on the other side! Everyone has won back his original innocence.    

Let’s notice with amusement that the citizen is taken for a mug at the beginning of the extract. We recognize the usual exercise of style the aim of which is not to solve the issue but to show the author’s superiority in logorrhea. This gives him a special seat in the dominance hierarchy of talking heads. The author is having fun but the families of sect adepts hardly see any solution to their problems. Words of psychoanalysts stand against words of the gurus. Are there too many words here? Let’s get back to the post topic. When society tries to figure out what’s going on in sects, it comes up with the mental manipulation techniques. I would be tempted to fully antagonize this approach. I would not give in to this temptation because I see with interest how dominance is interpreted by society. The notion of interpretation is of paramount significance. We’ll get back to that in next posts and surely this “techniques” post will have future echo. Let’s try to compare both concepts: Dominance or mental manipulation? First of all, let’s note that the (dominant) manic bipolar is widely known as a suspect in the art of manipulation. No specific “techniques” are recognized during his/her manic state however the maniac is quite efficient in the art of persuasion. All you need to do is read books written by bipolar to get convinced.

Source : Un fou dans l’art, Jean Albou
(FR) J’étais l’homme le plus persuasif du monde, capable de convaincre n’importe qui de ma bonne foi. Dans ma bouche, les mensonges les plus éhontés devenaient des vérités. J’avais l’art d’enjoliver les choses et de transformer le quotidien le plus banal en une réalité extraordinaire../.. En phase maniaque je choisissais mes arguments et mes affirmations en fonction de mes interlocuteurs. Mon discours s’adaptait à leur crédulité variable. Lorsqu’il s’agit de convaincre le maniaco-dépressif est absolument démoniaque. Ses tactiques adaptées à chacun sont le plus souvent imparable.
(EN) I was the most persuasive man on earth. I was able to convince anyone of my good faith. In my mouth, the most obvious lies became truth. I was gifted in putting a gloss on the facts and turn the day-to-day life into an extraordinary reality…/… During my manic states, I chose my arguments and my assertions in accordance to my interlocutor. My speech was adjusted to their variable credulity. When it comes to persuading people, bipolars are absolutely daemon. Their tailored made tactics are built for each and every one. They cannot be counteracted most of the time.

Source : J’ai dû chevaucher la tempête, Yann Layma
(FR) J’avais ce jour-là un incroyable pouvoir de persuasion, une confiance en moi communicative et une obstination totale, tous traits de caractère très fréquents chez les bipolaires en phase haute. Ce sont eux qui avaient fini par céder, au bout de neuf heures de discussions.
(EN) This day, I had this incredible power of persuasion, a communicative self-confidence and a total obstinacy, all these traits being very frequent in bipolar manic phase. They had to give in after a nine hours discussion.

Jean Albou and Yann Layma are not aware that words don’t impress anyone. All in all they’re just sounds or inert succession of frequencies. However if you consider dominance in the picture, you can understand that it gives them this extra affective edge necessary in the process of putting lipstick on a pig (so to speak). The honest signal of dominance is the underlying driver that have persuaded (rather than convinced) their interlocutors. The hypersyntonia (or acute attunement between the dominant and the submissive) and the richness of ideas (or moderately racing thoughts) blend themselves together to subjugate the dominance compass of the victim. Words are not so important but they are indispensable. The arrows are useless without the bow. Likewise, dominance is nothing without the dominance vectors. What are the dominance vectors? The brain, the body, the thought, the language… They’re all logical creation of the dominance and this process begun a long time ago with the first neuron cell (here).

The explanatory power of dominance as defined it in this blog applies fully to sects for it is built on a simple idea that has demonstrated its efficacy in the animal world: honest dominance signaling is sent and subjugate or dominate the adepts. This is a natural process and, on the one hand, everyone is able to understand that. On the other hand, the mental manipulation techniques must be complex and can be only understood by a small group of people endowed with a psychology background. If we were to use the occam’s razor to compare dominance and mental manipulation technique (MMT), we would agree that dominance would prevail over MMT because an animal behavior is more accessible than a treatise of psychology. Moreover, there is a major difference which lies in the manipulation conveying channel. Dominance will be conveyed unconsciously whereas MMT cannot be ignored at least partially by the conscience of the victim. Let’s insist on that revolutionary point: For human being dominance is an unconscious phenomenon. I steal the idea from the psychoanalyst but I don’t elaborate: The subconscious exists and it has an evolutionary purpose. That’s no wonder that Nature act this way, natural selection must not be under too much control of the protagonists because, otherwise, this would end up in an evolutionary dead end: any males could get access to reproduction.

Everyone thinks dominance is based o strength, violence or fear. The dominance I’m struggling to explain from the beginning of this blog is based on happiness and its honest signal which remains to be discovered. It is either blinding or very subtle. We’ll get back to that in the next posts in order to try to locate it precisely. For me it can only be subtle in so far our unconscious is only the capable of spotting it, assessing it and spread the message across all layers of the brain: “Be submissive, the dominant will bring you happiness and security, he’s got all answers to all questions, he’s the condition of your well-being.

The MMTs that the gurus would apply to their adepts would have a reduced scope. It could only be verbal abuse and all attempts of fear induced manipulation, violence, free move reduction, drugs would be immediately punished by society. For me, I don’t see someone like Le Dihn learn these psychological MMTs. The guy is not sophisticated enough for that. On the contrary I could understand that someone like Hubbard, who have competent brain washer around him, could have found power relays which the likes can be found right in front of your TV screens. These brain washing techniques exist and I will have to analyse them in order to see if they can bring something to my dominance theory.

Some MMTs are listed out by the French Wikipedia. They are built on confinement, violence, drugs (which is violence against the body) or fear. One must understand that the law is the emanation of the state. Civilized Societies craves for one thing: to get rid of the gurus. So the law will ultimately punish the sects for confinement and violence. As to the fear, one day or the other the adepts will flee. The delay would reveal the level of dominance at stake here. Dominance is centripetal, fleeing is centrifugal.

So law-abiding gurus would apply MMTs strictly limited to psychological indoctrination. Ok, let’s admit that these techniques exist and are efficient. You may think that these would then be a miracle. Totalitarians states have a lot of resources (knowledge, money…), a lot more than Le Dihn! They have always dreamed of a population of submissive “adepts”. This dream has never stand the test of time. Fascism is not natural to human being. The former GDR built walls, created army of soldiers and cops to confine its own people in fear and unhappiness. If these techniques would have any efficiency, they would have been adopted massively to avoid such human costs. Even if the gurus always try to structure its sect with some fear, it has nothing to do with the scale of the inner terrorism of the totalitarian state. Generating fear has a material and human cost. Again on, the long run, relying on fear does not stand the test of time especially in democratic states where individuals are protected by the rule of law. So if you accept the fact that there are adepts, they must be something else for the adepts always state their free will whereas they seem completely has lost their common sense.

Being a guru is nice perspective. Unrestricted access to sex and resources should be appealing to a large population. The job would consist in fabricating unverifiable (Little grey men, sent from Jesus, etc…) rhetoric and adopting the MMTs as sect management tool. The question why aren’t they more sects and gurus in the known world? The answer is simple. MMTs maybe exist but they are not separable from the one who is supposed to apply them. Society does not want to acknowledge the extraordinary personality of the guru. By invoking techniques, society separates the driver from the person. That saves the appearances of equality but you’re bound to run into misinterpretation of what is really lying behind the scene. Gurus are exceptional people, whether you want or not. Exceptional or extraordinary does not mean good or evil, true of wrong. It just tells you that they are abnormally dominant.

The last argument that I can oppose to MMTs lies in the fact that MMTs are recent concept whereas sects are as old as humankind. All in all, MMTs can be analyzed as attempt to describe what has always existed. A description is not a technique. For me, they work for a small number of people who may or may not apply them. But in the end it is the small number of individual which is significant. In a group of social animal, dominants count is smaller than submissive. That should ring a bell. If you don’t believe, read some MMTs create your sect and we’ll see….

In conclusion, there are people who understand what I want to say. But their words are still superficial because they can’t experience things as a bipolar does.

Source : Wikipédia
(FR)Selon Stéphane Laurens, maître de conférences, « L’influence interindividuelle ou l’influence sociale fascine et effraye. (…) les terribles faits divers qui lui sont attribués (Suicides collectifs, crimes rituels…) ainsi que de troublantes études scientifiques (Travaux sur l’hypnose, études expérimentales sur le conformisme ou soumission à l’autorité…) nous affirment l’existence d’une force quasiment irrésistible et qui pourrait nous pousser à faire ou à penser des choses que nous ne voudrions pas, une force qui pourrait même nous conduire à notre perte.

(EN) According to senior lecturer Stéphane Laurens, « interpersonal influence or social influences fascinate and scare (…).Terrible crimes are ascribed to them (collective suicides, ritual crimes …). Scientific studies (Hypnosis, experimental studies on conformism or submission to authority) also deals with this issue. Both teach us the existence of an irresistible force that could push us to do or think things we would not want, a force which could lead us to our own demise.

Téléphone / la bombe humaine
Je veux vous parler de l’arme de demain
Enfantée du monde elle en sera la fin
Je veux vous parler de moi … de vous
Je vois à l’intérieur des images, des couleurs
Qui ne sont pas à moi qui parfois me font peur
Sensations … qui peuvent me rendre fou
Nos sens sont nos fils nous pauvres marionnettes
Nos sens sont le chemin qui mène droit à nos têtes
La bombe humaine tu la tiens dans ta main
Tu as l’détonateur juste à côté du cœur
La bombe humaine, c’est toi elle t’appartient
Si tu laisses quelqu’un prendre en main ton destin
C’est la fin, la fin.

Téléphone / The human bomb
I want to talk about the future weapon
Spawn by the world, it will be its end
I want to talk about me… and you
From within, I see images and colors,
They are not mine, they scare me sometime
Sensations, that can drive you crazy
Our senses are our strings, we poor puppet
Our senses are the path which lead straight to our heads
The human bomb, you hold it in your hand
You’ve got the detonator right next to your heart
The human bomb, it’s you, it belongs to you
If you let someone lead your destiny
It’s the end, the end.


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