2.2.4 Sects

In the previous three posts I have tried to show three gurus. They represent three distinct steps in a sect evolution. The pdoc guru ignoring his own power doesn’t aggregate a community yet. Tang is a further step ahead. He has built a community where he can tap sexual and material resources. Ron Hubbard is the ultimate sect step before religion. His community goes international and he wants to create his own kingdom. All these gurus share a lot of symptoms with the manic bipolar: strange rhetoric, society’s rejection (should it right or wrong does not matter here, let’s focus on facts), intense sexuality or hypersexuality, persuasion power, influence on the others. Only one conclusion can be drawn: sect and bipolar disorder are two related side of the same dominance topic that I’ve addressed in this blog. The guru resembles the maniac. There are differences though. The manic is not adapted to the environment whilst the guru enjoys a good life using all the resources provided by its followers in spite of the rejection from society. Society has its revenge because the guru is almost always subject to sexual misdemeanor complaints. One day or the other, the guru will face justice for these offenses especially if his sect is not part of the official religion picture of the country. Difference between maniac and gurus can be explained by a set of assumptions. The dominance of maniacs is higher than the one of the gurus, the mood of which is still high compare to the rest of the population. This above average dominance gives them a competitive advantage. Guru’s dominance can be the same as maniac, but in this case, they are protected by a set of good genes and memes. I must lay the emphasis that high dominance means intense honest signaling. The last possibility may lie in the honest signal system which gives an unfair result due to genetic reason. That’s the most likely explanation from my perspective. One of the things I’d like to do is to interview a guru, just to check how it would feel or if it would feel something at all. Don’t forget that we’re talking about subconscious phenomena here.

The nature of their rhetorical speech is not what matters. We’re all convinced that words are power whereas in fact they’re just vector of dominance. What matters is the level of dominance. Words are secondary. This contradicts the natural arrogance of humans that condition you to believe that the Verb, the Logos or the logorrhea is the structuring link underlying human social networks. I often visit a friend in Switzerland. He’s an employee of one of the biggest company in the world, the headcount of which is measured by hundreds of thousands. He was telling me about a meeting the salient fact of which was the participation of the CEO. That made it a quite exceptional Q&A session. My friend was extremely impressed by the answers of the big boss. He tried to share his sentiment with me but he did not succeed. I was completely insensitive to the subtlety of the speech and told myself: “What kind of car dealer bullshit is that?”. My friend is very clever but in some kind of sense, he was victimized by dominance. Charisma and eloquence stem from dominance. Repeat the same words of a charismatic individual and you won’t obtain the same results. Why is that? What is the additional thing that turns words into charisma? Isn’t it a valid question? My answer is dominance and its honest signal. You’ve got to be careful about dominance because the content of the speech tend to disappear behind the level of dominance of the charismatic leader sitting on top of the dominance structure. Talk is cheap, dominance is all. When are we going to study the bow instead of the arrows?

The arrows of the sects are an insult to any rational brain. Once again, this is not what matters. The only prerequisite is that the guru’s theories should be unverifiable. This way he can use his persuasion skill and nobody can contradict him. We’re not on dialectical level where argument can be exchanged and truth pursued. We are on an animal level where submission is the primary goal of the dominant. I have indicated that the dominance level is difficult to assess. However, there is one criterion that can be used. Consider the zeitgeist and the guru’s theories, if the deviance of the sect is high compared to the zeitgeist then the dominance is high because significant persuasion (intense honest signal) is needed to counteract reality and subjugate the follower. Gurus and Sects are a distraction of Mother Nature. Through Dominance, she turns anybody into a guinea-pig or guru-pig in order to check if some fun can be obtained from new memes and genes. The gurus are like a match. When they are lit, the zeitgeist wind usually blows out the flame because it is too weak to propagate. Sometimes though, the zeitgeist can fan the fire.

In my train of thoughts, I wanted to demonstrate that dominance creates ties between individuals. This link is salient in extreme case like sects. The guru is a source of happiness for his followers. The dominance structure is curved by the social gravitation of the guru. You could find this pitiful however the moral speeches will not solve the issue. The problem must be thought within an ethological framework in order to find effective solution. The specialists who study and monitor sects agree that it is ineffective to withdraw a follower from a sect. He will try to go back whatever the price. It is completely counterproductive to try to convince any followers that the sect rhetoric is void. You will sharpen their belief because society “out-group” is perceived as evil. What is at stake here is dominance not words. What is the solution then? Maybe dominance of normal society member can counterbalance the guru dominance. That’s speculation but not as absurd as you may think. We could extend the concept. Could it be that depressive people could be cured by less depressed people? That is something we will discuss later on.

Happiness is indeed the pillar of the dominance structure. Dominance has intensity or a modulation because the honest signal is variable. At normal level, it surreptitiously creates complex networks that structure human sexuality and reproduction. If you thought that natural selection was over with the advent of culture and technology, you are completely wrong. Mother Nature acts subconsciously in the background. The control of fecundity does not interfere in the game much since women are provided with an additional selective power. She will play with males with the effective selective contraceptive pills. Natural selection will get tougher. Only the happiest will enjoy reproductive success. From a theoretical perspective, I needed to ascertain the assertion that the dominant guru is the happiness provider of his community. The bitterest enemy of the sects in France is a government organization called “Milivude”. It publishes a report every year. This is mostly Freudian bullshit that is not aimed at solving the problem but to feed a bunch of unelected fat cats or technocrats. But even Freudians can recognize happiness when they sees it.

Source: Milivude report 2006
The young followers who recently joined the sect enjoy a period of happiness. He or she feels better, psychologically and physically. [After Freudian blah blah….]

I only translated the first part of the paragraph. The rest is made of this amusing Freudian logorrhea which hides its ignorance of the very facts of soul behind a symbolic smokescreen. I’m bipolar and I have never seen a publication recognizing the beneficial effect of an analysis. Evolutionary psychology, psychiatry and neurology will, I hope, put an end to the nuisance power of Freudian ideas over therapeutic approaches of mental illness. According to a Freudians, if you don’t want to be cured it is because you benefit from the symptoms (!). Jean Albou has largely documented the inefficiency and danger of Freudian therapy in his book “un fou dans l’art”. It is funny to note that Freudian uses bizarre, heavily sex flavored speech (Anal stage, phallic stage, oedipal blah blah). Are Freudians a sect then? In any case, Sigmund was bipolar and you actually pay for nothing. Remember Tang? In France we fight sects with… another sect.

I need to add a last remark which has a theoretical significance: The guru distributes happiness. This is tantamount to say that he distributes dominance. Homo sapiens is the only animal that shares or distributes his dominance. This may be the key to understand his uniqueness in the animal reign. The dominance structure is based on happiness. That is a fact we have demonstrated. But we know that happiness is the internal indicator of dominance. So the dominance structure depends…on dominance. This is consistent with the observations: social animal evolves in dominance hierarchy where they interact and compete. Dominance is key in both socializing and competing.

Evanescence / Everybody’s Fool
Perfect by nature, icons of self-indulgence
just what we all need
more lies about a world that
never was and never will be
have you no shame? Don’t you see me?
you know you’ve got everybody fooled
look here she comes now
bow down and stare in wonder
oh how we love you
no flaws when you’re pretending
but now i know she never was and never will be
you don’t know how you’ve betrayed me
and somehow you’ve got everybody fooled
without the mask where will you hide? can’t find yourself lost in your lie
I know the truth now,  i know who you are
and I don’t love you anymore
it never was and never will be
you don’t know how you’ve betrayed me
and somehow you’ve got everybody fooled
it never was and never will be
you’re not real and you can’t save me
somehow now you’re everybody’s fool


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