2.2.2 Primitive Tribe

In the previous post, we have identified a pattern. Whenever we want to understand a complex phenomenon, our brains try to identify forms or patterns. According to Konrad Lorenz, this is the basis of the ethological approach. It is a specific way of thinking. The classical discursive thinking relies on assumptions and deductions within a linear framework whereas form perception is based on accumulation of information which is then processed by the brain in order to obtain representations stable enough to be combined and to be thought about. Even if Kant consider that to think is to judge in a discursive, we can apply the same idea to forms. Forms are simple model fetched in complex representation. They’re aimed at reconstituting the unity. It is very difficult to conceive the chaos so we submit it to the uniting order of our neural networks. The capacity to perceive recurring forms among heteroclite information is the basis of behavioral observation. Dominant behaviors in animals are easy to spot: most of the dominance hierarchies are based on violence. The dominance behavior in human is more subtle but it has always the same form in the dominance structure.

Whenever the female does not choose the dominant among the privileged members of a local dominance hierarchy (Anna Qvarnströma, Elisabet Forsgrenb, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 1998), it may be simpler to assume a less obvious, hidden dominance structure as defined in the hierarchy post. It would bring additional data to the females which would complete the information provided by the local dominance hierarchy where confrontations are visible. The dominance structure did not appear with the advent of Homo sapiens. Mother Nature must have had the opportunity to experiment such a selection system before. Whenever the female is the queen of the natural selection, in so far she’s given latitude to choose her mate, it is likely that additional data are available to her when she choose seemingly subordinate male. These data may be provided by an alternative hierarchy: the dominance structure. Why would Mother Nature give this extended choice to female compare to the less error prone systematic rape by the local dominant?

In humans, a local dominance hierarchy is a hierarchy where selection is carried out using explicit attributes (strength, velocity, muscles, size, industry, intelligence…) whereas, in the dominance structure, what really counts is the intensity of the honest signal of happiness. It is required to be part of a local dominance hierarchy because direct access is not permitted in the unconscious dominance structure, that is, in most cases. Local dominance hierarchies are here to generate happiness which is the reward for the good utilization of functions provided by the Evolution. These body and mind functions are improved within local hierarchy which substantiates the perfectibility of the humans at more or less constant DNA. However, at the end the day, women will be extremely sensitive to your happiness through the honest signaling. It opens a window so that your happy heart can be assessed.

In order to find suitable experimental conditions allowing the perception of the dominance structure in humans, it is absolutely necessary that violence is not part of the game. Otherwise, we would not see a dominance structure but a local dominance hierarchy based on intimidation, violence and fear. The previous pdoc case was interesting in this regard. How on earth women got esoterically caught in retrospectively unwanted sexual intercourses? There’s only one rational solution to this problem. The honest happiness signal of the pdoc was so intense that a powerful inhibitive unconscious message was sent by the pdoc unconscious channel and received by the limbic systems of the victims. This has lasted up to a point when the victims figured out that something wrong was happening. The conscious brain woke up and they accused the Pdoc of rape. I will maybe say something terrible, but they did not react, this could give the impression of consent to the pdoc indeed. The problem is that limbic brain agreed and the conscious brain was anesthetized. The neocortex was woken up by friends and a complaint was filed long after the story began. To me that sounds strange. There must be some kind of explanation.

In any case, consider the previous paragraph as a warning if you consider yourself as a dominant male. Be careful when you woo woman, you have to make sure that she’s willing both consciously and unconsciously to go in bed with you. Otherwise, you could go to jail, because law is a matter of conscious brain. The good news is that whatever you say has no such a big importance as demonstrated by the funny belief of the pdoc. What matters is the honest and subtle dominance signal. Our limbic system is capable of understanding it and send message to the neocortex so that it acts accordingly. That is, if and only if the signal is powerful enough. It provides an affective good or bad coloration of what the dominant does (talk, move, think..). If you look at a depressed people you will certainly not enjoy what they’re doing.

The second case study is going to focus on a person who cumulates all the experimental conditions necessary to perceive the dominance structure. Previously, I asserted that happiness generated from the local dominance hierarchy was the currency used in the dominance structure. This is valid for everybody except for two categories of people. The first category, bipolars, has a sort of wildcard because dominance does not fluctuate in accordance with the success in a particular local dominance hierarchy. It is swaying irrespective of the sanctions of the environment and thus reach uncontrollable peak. The second category is people that have an intense honest signaling without being particularly a genius in any dominance hierarchy. There is no symptom of manic behavior but the honest signal is intense, probably for genetic reasons. Robert Le Dihn (“Tang”) belongs to this second category. He is an extraordinary case to study in the sense that he is rare. I’m not going to perform an apology on this guy however I’m like the entomologist who’s just found a very rare specimen.

Tang is a guru. Approximately 20 members belongs to his sect. It is funny to note that society has more or less the same point of view on sect and on bipolar madness. In both cases, fear prevails on reasoning. In both cases, the same underlying phenomenon causes the same anxiety. I have shown that dominance was the hidden rationale behind the bipolar insanity. It will be much easier to demonstrate that it is also heavily involved in the cults so much so that it is overlooked the same way as in bipolar disorder. We don’t want to see it because of cultural reason. From an ethological perspective, we don’t care about culture; we care about facts and behaviors. Let’s try to find the truth through rational thinking. The ethological definition of a dominant individual is very simple: privileged access to resources and reproduction. Can we fit Tang into that picture?

Tang lived comfortably without working. The gifts of his followers paid for his lavish lifestyle. Hundreds of thousand euros helped him to purchase luxury cars and to indulge into his favorite vice, gambling. He didn’t have to resort to violence. Why would he have done so? His followers were giving money for the mystical I-ve-been-sent-by-Jesus snow job. They were not forced to. In fact they were paying for the dominant presence and provided him with the resources he actually needed to live. From Tang’s perspective, he was doing nothing wrong. How can you prevent people from giving you money? This is not about extortion, this is a about gift. In order to understand, you need to grasp this sentence from Machiavelli:”People will love you more for what they did for you than what you did for them”. If you don’t call this a preferential access to resources then something is wrong with your neural connections. There is no fight, nobody’s hurt but the result is the same as in bonobos: Resources go to dominant. What is really fascinating is that the submissive limbic brains are fully aware of their status and trigger consciously the transfer of resource complying with the dominance structure rule. This is motivated by a powerful and animal instinct which is difficult to spot under the mystical blah-blah which rules the community. So we have characterized one pillar of the dominance hierarchy which is the preferential access to resource. What about sex then? All you need to do is to listen to one of the lawyer of the trial. “This is a sex and money story”. Lawyers are sometime not far from truth.

Exactly like in the first pdoc case study, some once subjugated women from the sect suddenly wake up and accused the guru of rape. At the same time, some others continue supporting him. All women are perfectly inserted in society. Moreover the characteristic of this sect was a complete freedom of movement which demonstrates an undisputable power of organic attraction from the guru. So why on earth would you suddenly claim having being “raped” for 11 years? Again something is not logical. Truth, as disgusting as it may sound (I like ethology not moral lessons), is in Tang’s mouth. Tang had sex with the agreement of these women. They agree and they ask for it which is logical if you consider Tang as a dominant male. All the sexual intercourses in this debauched society albeit ruled by the word of Jesus (well, these things happen!), was a natural organization meant to fulfill the sexual needs of a dominant male. Since Tang was exceptionally dominant, there was no differential access to sex. Tang was the winner who takes all. This hypersexuality, not denounced as such because Tang is not ill, is exactly the same one I have experienced when manic. I can tell you it is quite impressing.

Access to reproduction and material resources qualifies Tang as a dominant. He doesn’t seem to belong to any local dominance hierarchy. He comes from a modest background and is not what you would call a sophisticated man. He was into martial art but did not prove exceptional achievement in this area. His dominance surely does not come from here. All in all, there seems to be no explicit attribute that makes Tang beat the random odds during all confrontations. It is logical to infer that another dominance system is in use here that makes Tang the preferred choice of female and the unrivalled leader of his community of followers. His followers are not weak. They are people who are well inserted in society. They have jobs and family. In the one hand, society is very attached to equality and in the other hand it acknowledges a weakness position in this kind of case. Something again is not logical here. But it is not that illogical if you consider that society is ok with both weakness and equality but not with strength. Society has asymmetrical values that prevent it to give the right explanation to the phenomenon. The followers are not weak. Tank is the strongest among normal people. He’s abnormally dominant in spite of his apparent vacuity. It is difficult to accept this fact by society. As dominant in the dominance structure, he provides happiness or positive affects to his followers. This is one of the major idea of my blog: To keep the community together, he needs to distribute something that will make all the followers willing to participate in sect activities and provide material and sexual resources. This distribution is performed using the honest happiness signal which rewards the receiver’s submission. I think society must completely disregard the misleading esoteric, mystical or religious vapor that surround the sects and focus seriously on the real ethologic issue which is dominance.

The press articles are funny to read. Journalist cannot hide their judgment on the current appearance of Tang. They wonder how this old pig could have had so much sexual success. They notice his hesitating words and the slowness when he talks. Let’s speculate a little bit on the reason why Tangs went to Jail. At the peak of his glory, he was the king of his community. He advised his followers about the choice of their sexual partners, their career, and the names of the children… Followers wanted his advice exactly like a primitive would do with an old tribe leader. Here there is a special behavior that can be spotted: Subordinate individuals request counseling from the dominant of the dominance structure. The same thing happened to me in manic episode. Usually people do not care about what I say (I must say I don’t take no offense for it). This behavior changes in manic episode. People are suddenly interested in my point of view and request me to express it. The subordinate male does not only offer his wife (more precisely, he won’t mind if Tang have sex with her) or provide material resource, he requests also the assistance of the dominant. This counseling is not power, it is influence which is the unstructured form of power. No coercion is involved.

So Tang is the king of the king? Unfortunately or fortunately: no! Exactly like Cinderella was not conscious of clock striking midnight, Tang was not conscious that his dominance was erratic like mine and that it slowly decreased in a way which was impossible to notice. His problems started when dominance reached a level where his grip on the community could not be sustained by an intense honest signal any more. Nobody consciously noticed the difference. However the limbic brain of some female members of the sect started to express doubt as to the advantage of copulating with Tang. The whole case of rape and sect started just at this moment.

According to me, we can observe a primitive tribe in the Tang’s cult. Morals, tradition or civilization doesn’t exist anymore. The ruler is a dominant evil. Women cheat on their husbands, the “social” hierarchy is despotic and parents expose their children to sexual insecurity (according to the trial). The social norm has completely evaporated and has been replaced by something else. From my perspective, this sect is surely a relevant model of the first Pleistocene tribes and the whole Tang phenomena should be analyzed as such. I elaborated a lot on dominance which come from the deepest self. I have stated that maybe the big Homo sapiens leap forward was a result of an excess of dominance converted into a selective gain. This process is also valid for the others dominance. We are normally all set to deal with it. However when it reaches high level, everybody should be aware that the rational brain is a critical asset to assess life according to your own interest. This is valid for both the external dominance (Guru) and the internal one (Mania).

The cardigans / Lovefool
Love me love me
say that you love me
fool me fool me
go on and fool me
love me love me
pretend that you love me
lead me lead me
just say that you need me


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