2.2.1 Pdoc Show

It’s difficult to be surprised these days. Fast-paced waves of news overwhelm us. World shockwaves destroy our capacity to be surprised. All this noise cannot be converted into structured knowledge. We are led to think that the world is chaotic and crazy. Newspapers and their on-line offsprings are constantly reminding us of the baffling irrationality of the world. They are drugs that anesthetize our capacity to be surprised. In Europe, there are young people which call themselves the “indignés” (outraged). I prefer to describe myself as a perpetual surprised individual. And this is beyond evil or good. Sometime, on a railway station platform, waiting for the train, I suddenly realize that I am and this awareness is always followed by surprise. It is difficult to explain. Well, I don’t need much to get surprised then.

In spite of my criticism, I will use the newspapers to try to show how I conceive dominance in this blog. It is not an easy job. In order to force it to come out of hiding you need to sharpen your capacity of being surprised. “Can you wait a minute, there’s something I don’t grasp here!”. Contrary to the popular belief, there’s nothing wrong in not understanding something. It shows that your surprise sense is awake. Then the normal understanding process can take place from where you’ve identified something peculiar. This step is necessary otherwise you’ll remain an idiot. We will see that dominance is a tool that enables you to complete this second step.

My first “victim” is a 68 years old psychiatrist. He’s going to undergo a full blown case study. I don’t have any hard feeling against this profession. However, I want to show that the best knowledgeable people in the secrets of the soul are not capable of spotting the dominance because it is subtly hidden. Whenever newspaper addresses the topic, it is not properly discussed because of an egalitarianism excess. I will use the News and my comments will stem from astonishment.

Source: Lefigaro.Fr
A 68 year old retired psychiatrist was tried by a court in Loire-Atlantique for having raped three former female patients. Aggravating circumstances were added to the rape accusation because of the authority linked to the psychiatrist status. During the Wednesday audience, two victims testified. The first one, aged 20 at the time of the case, filed a complaint in May 1998. The case was dismissed in 2000 but it was reopened in 2007 after a new complaint.
Because of anorexia, a young lady, aged 33 today, had started a therapy with this psychiatrist from 1997. After several verbal interviews, the doctor had dispensed massage that ended up having a sexual nature. According to the doctor, it was all about a Japanese technique called “Hara touching-massage”.
In July 2006, a nurse aged 56 today had filed a complaint for rape as well. She underwent a therapy between 1995 and 2000. First it consists in classical interviews but soon the psychiatrist would propose to start a “meditation through embrace” program. The doctor and her patient would move very close together whilst he was reciting some prayers. Afterwards, without clothes, the doctor would oblige the victim to perform fellatio. The patient ended the therapy in 2000. She filed a complaint following recommendations of friend, family and another psychiatrist.
The case makes the victim feel dirty and they expect the accused to recognize the facts. The defendant admits to have administered atypical treatment. However he denies the rapes. “I did not realize I was hurting them. I wanted to wake up their sensuality”. On Thursday, another patient of the pdoc is expected to testify as well as the psychiatric experts who examined the defendant. The verdict is expected on Friday.

Source: AFP (Agence France Presse)
On Friday, a former psychiatrist from the city of Nantes was sentenced to 8 years in jail by a court in Loire Atlantique. He was immediately put into jail for having raped three female patients under the pretense of administering so-called “atypical” therapies. Earlier in the day, a 10 years sentence was requested by the prosecutor against Charles Caillé, who retired in 2007, when the case began. The doctor was affirming to cure the illnesses of his patients through sexual contact and the trial was addressing the cases of three female patients between 1998 and 2000.
During the trial, the psychiatrist admitted misconducts however he strongly denied the rapes of his patients, arguing that they were consenting. According to the prosecutor, “He is a liar, a manipulator, also a deviant and a predator. He uses his intelligence to fulfill his sexual desires“. The prosecutor went on denouncing the convict’s use of a “so called medical jargon”. There was also another rape case raised by a fourth patients but it was closed due to prescription.
“I ask my patients for forgiveness, I’m not proud of me”. That’s what the convicted rapist told the court before the jury left to decide the ruling.”I’m really thankful toward the victims. They’ve enabled me to understand that I was way out of line”.

What we’ve got here is a psychiatrist being accused of rape by three patients. First of all, I need to make crystal clear that rape is a disgusting crime against women. This disgust is certainly stems from the regulation of the dominance hierarchy where subordinate male were immediately ostracized and punished for having cheated Mother Nature’s natural selection game. The law has logically condemned this violation of the dominance hierarchy social code. In France rape is defined by a “sexual aggression involving all sexual penetration actions from any kind, perpetrated on the other through violence, coercion, threat or surprise”. What strikes me in the previous news article is that violence does not seem to be involved in the case. I would like to read the complete verdict instead of the two articles. But for our purpose they are enough to generate at least an opinion which could be revised if need be.

So let’s exclude violence as well as threat and surprise. By the way, I don’t really know what a rape by surprise is. French Jurists are creative. So we are left with only coercion without violence. This is confirmed by the prosecutor: “He is a liar, a manipulator, also a deviant and a predator. He uses his intelligence to fulfill his sexual desires”. The extreme hostility of society is clearly expressed for all sexual intercourses that do not fit within the usual ethological courtship process whereby a male needs to prove several capacities in order to be accepted as a mating partner. The seduction process is long and costly because of the natural selective mood of the female. If we go back to the case, it seems that the pdoc is dominant but he does not know it himself. This is proved by his regret which can be deemed as sincere. He does not need a long courtship process. He seems to have a wildcard that enables him to coerce her patients without violence. In fact, it seems that the neocortex or conscious brain of both the patient and the pdoc have disconnected due to a profound archaic phenomenon: dominance.

How on earth can someone ended up giving a blow job to someone reciting prayers? With due respects to the victims, I can’t help starting to laugh when I think about it. How can you not being amazed or surprised? Of course, one can argue that the victims were fragile or simple-minded. This is always the explanations that are given in these cases. However it doesn’t account for the whole picture because weak people are very sensitive to aggression. Even light is considered as aggressive by some depressed people. The more you are fragile, the more you protect yourself. That’s a typical behavior in subdominance. We can get rid of low IQ explanation as well because we’re talking about sex here. Something more has happened. They have been subjugated. This is a word that smells like dominance. Intelligence or weakness has nothing to do with it. Or they’re partially involved, the main explanation being dominance.

A lot of people have experienced subjugation. In my professional life, I recall an interview I had with the director of an IT company that took over the consultancy where I’ve been working for 2 years. I did well and expected to be promoted. That did not happen so I wanted to have some explanations about it. I remember the word magic had prevailed after the interview. It disappeared so quickly that I ended up feeling cheated. The snow job had hold only in between the meeting room and the building exit. You can’t rely on a company where you figure out that you’ve been taken for an idiot only two minutes after its director’s speech, two minutes is too short! Thus I decided to resign and start a freelance career. I suddenly understood that I did not want to depend on these manipulative and arrogant liars. You really need to take care of your destiny at some point of time. Don’t put your life in the hands of vested interests. They use dominance to make us forget our own interest. We always have the choice to exert our free will. Never take an important decision during an interview. Take always time to think alone. The decision to go for a freelance career was the best decision for me. I was not particularly interested in the corporate rat race. I’ve worked 15 years with double salary. All in all, dominance is neither good nor evil. We need to be in charge of our decision. If you let the dominant makes it, they will not be in your best interest. Let your neocortex gives you a hand. It is the only one who is able to help in this situation. The tricky part is to detect the influence.

Let’s go back to the wild pdoc. The prosecutor denounces his intelligence the aim of which is to fulfill his sexual desire. That sounds surprising to me. From an evolutionary perspective, it is a good laugh. It has been tens of thousands of years that the Homo sapiens uses all its capacity to copulate. Without his intellectual parade, intelligence could not have survived after its detection by happiness. How many hominids have elevated themselves in the dominance hierarchy thanks to their intelligence and adaptation capability? I read somewhere that Cecilia Sarkozy was extremely impressed by the intellectual capacity of her husband. So in the name of what this should be a reproach against the pdoc? Maybe you can get away with everything if you are a visible top of the dominance hierarchy. I really thought that there was a sexual liberation in France in 68. I believed that we could have sex with the consent of a vicar or a prosecutor. Is fulfilling his sexual desire that evil? Come on we are in 2011! The prosecutor lays the emphasis on the wrong question. He completely disregards the nature of the constraint that he unfortunately does not elaborate on.

From an ethological perspective, I declare that this pdoc is innocent. He played a game that he could not control and he did not understand what happened to him. I think that his remorses are somehow sincere. I fully admit that he had an authority position. But think of the tens of thousands managers that use their position to fulfill their sexual desires. Nobody blames them for that because in some ways it is considered as normal. It is as though their rank in the official power dominance hierarchy provided them an innocence certificate, a license to fuck. The pdoc had not authority; he had dominance, the animal dominance I’m addressing in this blog. Of course, I would need some more information like his insertion in society, his social network and his psychology in order to be more accurate in the diagnosis. However I’m sure that he was happy, very happy. He did a moral mistake I don’t see this as a full blown sex crime. Someone needs to explain to me why a woman can get raped during 5 years long and then realizes after this period that she has been effectively raped. Furthermore, the realization process was encouraged by third party individual. Something is not logical. I’m only saying that the notion of consent is more complex than usually thought. Of course if violence was proved then I’d change my mind however the prosecutor does not mention it. Lies, intelligence and manipulation seem to be the exclusive coercion causes. There was no physical violence, no shout. I can understand that psychological violence could be argued. However, in this case, we enter a domain where a lot of things could be qualified as such. The legal rape scope would suddenly enlarge itself far beyond its today’s limit. If a blow job obtained from a snow job is liable for prosecution then half the earth population would need to find a good lawyer.

In conclusion, what is the point in discussing the pdoc case? Don’t you find it strange that the pdoc and the bipolar patient look similar in many ways? Dominance expresses itself behind the scene for the psychiatrist. Dominance is eruptive for the manic bipolar patients.

  • Hypersexuality
  • Influence (Bipolar are known for their manipulative capacity, it depends on the mood)
  • Syntonia (Capacity to disconnect the conscious brain to intrude the intimacy)
  • Society’s rejection, Bipolars end up in hospital, the pdoc in court.
  • Mystical or bizarre terminology

Of course there are differences. The pdoc has no racing thoughts or abnormal motor functioning. However it appears that the intensity of the honest signal reaches a peak while the subject keeps on adapting well to the environment. The brakes that I was mentioning in a previous post are already doing their job. What really dragged my attention in this case study was the pdoc’s atypical treatments which turned out to be based on funny mystical beliefs, after some internet research. They prove a controlled verbal creativity and testify that the self-esteem is very high. I remind you that self-esteem at its peak is a danger for your logical brain and lead you to believe anything, especially because you cannot be contradict by the environment any more. It is consistent also with the fact that he pdoc acts irrespective of the legal consequences of his deeds. He or his limbic brain thinks that he’s stronger than the law and generally accepted behaviors.

Source: MensongePsy.com
Psychiatry. Sodomy, last rampart against psychosis? March, 20th 2011
Welcome to the manipulation world, where the pubis is called a “Hara”, where sodomy can be the last shield against psychosis and where chakras are opened when underwear are pulled down. “He shelters himself behind a fake psychoanalysis”. The former 68 year old psychiatrist currently being put to trial for having raped three patients was harshly assessed by his colleagues in charge of examining him. For instance, Charles C. justifies the genital massage as being a part of the “chakra energy treatment”. According to psychiatrist Serge Bornstein, he uses bizarre philosophical and mystical theory and also an original verbal material. Above all, the convicted hides himself behind an opaque screen whenever fellatios and digital penetrations inflicted to his patients are discussed. According to psychologist Jean-Luc Viaud,”He admits misdemeanor but denies rape…The image of mystical and esoteric psychiatrist effectively hides his true personality”

Dead Kennedys / I fought the law (And I won)
Drinkin’ beer in the hot sun
I fought the law and I won
I fought the law and I won
I needed sex and I got mine
I fought the law and I won
I fought the law and I won
The law don’t mean shit if you’ve got the right friends
That’s how this country’s run


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