2.1 Intro

“In Vivo” is a Latin word which means “within the living”. I think it is a good symbol of what I want to address in the second part of this essay. If dominance exist the way I defined it then it must be easy to spot it within the living, the natural milieu where it evolves. Maybe you’ll find this part less structured as the first one, even less scientific. I’ll release all my thoughts in a dialectical way. However, reasoning will still be thorough and the first theoretical part will still be its reference, acting either as a slave or as a master of my assertions, my doubts or my questionings. Believe it or not, I don’t assert with utter certitude. Certitudes are dangerous for me. They’re ok at euthymia but only god knows what they could become during my ups. If you want to cope with manic episode, you need to get used to questioning all your profoundest certitudes. All secret thoughts could suddenly occupy your mind foreground during a manic episode. You need to learn to resist all forms of convictions, even the ones you consider as the most moral and the truest. Well actually they’re the most dangerous ones because self-esteem is going to turn them into absolute certitudes. Question mark is the life symbol for maniac. This is the only god you need to worship.

There is one item on which I want lay the emphasis on. I will remain thorough in the methodology. What’s at stake here is my truth in so far it serves me as containing my manic episodes. True or false will always prevail on good or evil. We saw that happiness, the sovereign good, hides the cruelty of dominance in the struggle for life. Maybe I will somehow offend but I think this the price to pay to reach my truth. I like the Nietzschean approach beyond “good and evil”. I think it is the only to create new interpretation table. Good and evil act exactly as our habits and our gregariousness in so far it prevents us from closing in on truth. What I want to assert is very simple. That’s why it is so blinding. Let’s try and see if the theory can shed a new light on phenomena which are upfront irrational.

If you link mood and dominance, then suddenly a lot of things will make sense. This theoretical linkage has a wide experimental span: life, our lives, and our stories. Maybe I want to see what I want to see, but this is natural when you think by yourself. Thinking by yourself opens up vast virgin territories which sit next to psychology, religion, science and the daily news flow. These vast territories can be explored if you open up your mind, believe in experimental science and learn to think against your own prejudices. The kingdom of question marks is a really exciting place to live in. We’ll replace some, not with certitudes, but with knowledge. To achieve just that, we need to think beyond prejudices.

Let’s play card on the tables. Do you really think that our world was egalitarian? I think you’re worshipping an icon here. Look at society and you’ll understand that people like a representation of reality which strongly deviates from the real thing. You could say that equality is a goal to reach. I think this is wrong. We are genetically programmed to achieve the highest status in society given our genes and our memes. People that promote forced equality consider that the human being is a white paper where new stuff can be coded (learned behaviors). Unfortunately, that’s not the whole story. True, you have some latitude to decide or learn what you want to do but the ultimate why and what for is hardcoded deeply in your genes and instincts.

For example, when you court a woman, you can show how clever or strong you are the way you want, you can decide to which restaurant you want to go or which movie you are going to see, but, in the end, there is no coincidence that you will, at some point, hopefully, find yourself in bed with her inserting your penis into her vagina. Mother Nature is stubborn. The problem with people who want to go against her is that they usually need an army of cops, secret police and fear to enforce the brave new man which will be unhappy because he’ll be barred from achieving what he is genetically meant to achieve.

You could argue that we need police to prevent our archaic violent instinct. That’s true. However it is not in the interest of everyone to be violent and the net happiness return of exerting violence against your fellow individual is overall extremely low. Repression of violence is accepted by 90% of people. Civilized societies have decided to naturally select its members not on the basis of violence but on the basis of something that we have called happiness in this blog. Don’t believe in people who want to create a new man. We have a history (phylogeny) that started 4 billion years ago and model, ideology or religions are pernicious if they want to change us with their tragic wand.

But again, did you really think that we are living in a la la land where everybody is equal? Mother Nature makes it clear those social animals build dominance hierarchy. And we are social animals. It is an inequality between individuals not between races, groups or civilization. In essence, being poor does not (always) mean being unhappy. Someone who lives in a so called poor country can live happily and defeat you in the dominance structure based on the happiness honest signal. We’re dealing with the root inequality here, the dominance based evaluation of Mother Nature who does not care about gender, race, nationality, job situation or personal beliefs. She only pays attention to your capacity of being happy that is, the recognition of your success in struggle for life. Equality is, in this regard, an intellectual swindle. It is not grounded in reality. And, again, the more you recede from reality, the more you are going to need an army of cops or secret police to enforce the doctrinal bullshit born in a sick albeit clever mind.

All inequalities assumed upfront are despicable (race, nationality…). I’m talking of a demonstrated inequality here. You’re not happy because the Holy Ghost wants it. It is because you did something for it and somehow you deserve it. Moreover the dominance structure is not carved in marble. It evolves according to your mood, happiness or dominance which are strictly equivalent terms for our purpose. Also, in 80% of the case, there is no dominance relationship because most people share the same level of dominance (euthymia). No need to be ashamed of being submissive, it depends on you to recover. That is, if you avoid the vicious circle of depression. Others need to be used to this purpose. They will bring you back to happy normodominance. If you are too low, they will just abandon you. The most hurting inequality is solitude. What’s the use of freedom when you alone? This is a consolation only for low status individual. I will always remember what a homeless asserted on a documentary. “I’m free”. Who want this freedom? No one! This is where the freedom extremists want to lead us.

We’re in 2011 and the past validate my approach. Philosophers have given up trying to understand the human reality. More and more they are superseded by science (Psychology, ethology, psychiatry) because vocabulary like being, nonbeing looks like religious belief to me. But there’s a difference with religion. At least, religion tries to speak about us. Philosophy is stuck with opinion, funny ideas or doxa. It piles up words as if attempting to escape reality or better, wining a beauty contest in the local dominance hierarchy of the gifted talkative individual. Somehow Socrates is losing ground vis-à-vis Gorgias and Protagoras. However I don’t think Plato is right in saying that there are perfect essences from which an imperfect world is created. There is one reality. Everything can be understood by the human mind or the one which will emerge in hundreds of centuries. Of course you need to have a lax idea of what you include in reality. In any case, for some, worshipping perfection means correlatively stigmatizing reality. I’m not one of them. I’m really suspicious of abstract ideas. I’m more of an observer because I did a mistake that set me apart in this world. I have a vision from nowhere, from a no man’s land where only few people went. It is an efficient way to observe from outside though. In the next posts, you’ll discover somehow the result of these observations. These are observations processed by logical thought and fueled by madness.

I was thinking about these idiotic and criminal ideologists like Marx. They never went to the last conclusion of their brilliant thoughts. Indeed, they always focused on money because they were obsessed with it. You have noticed that during the 1917 revolution it was not sufficient to withdraw the money from the rich and let them play according to the new rules. There was an additional urge to kill or humiliate them because somehow you needed to eliminate not only property but the happiness that goes with it (On 30 January 1930 the Politburo approved of the extermination of kulaks as a class.). But richness is not the real thing in the dominance structure. It is just a part of the picture. The last idiotic ideological step has been avoided and you need to wonder why. It has been described by the talented Aldous Huxley in Brave New World. In this book ideology goes into the alcove of evolution. Everyone sexually belong to everyone and an omniscient state promotes these behaviors. Why haven’t we had this kind of brilliant ideology implemented? Maybe something, that is called humanity, has prevented this horror. The big loser from an evolutionary perspective would have been women who are the natural selector.

Dead Kennedys / California über alles
Now it is 1984
Knock-knock at your front door
It’s the suede denim secret police
They have come for your uncool niece
Come quietly to the camp
You’d look nice as a drawstring lamp
Don’t you worry, it’s only a shower


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