1.6.3 Honest Signal

In the previous posts, I demonstrated how happiness could be effectively considered as the main current evolution criterion which decides your fate in the natural selection game and your access to sex. It is the foundation of the dominance structure (criterion: happiness) which sit on the top of all dominance hierarchies (criteria: strength, intelligence, velocity, anticipation…). The structure of dominance is subterranean. It crosses social classes and local dominance hierarchy. It is our common house as Homo sapiens. It is theoretically not gender dependent for men and women are both (obviously) capable of happiness. Sorry for the machos, female can be dominant. Isn’t that good news? I can’t elaborate the way dominance is expressed in woman. Some aspect must be identical, some other ones slightly different. As I mentioned earlier, gender based expression of dominance is a statistical signature. Woman is more likely to have this dominance behavior than men. In any case, in a next post I will disclose what the main dominant behavior is, valid and unique for man and woman. But you’re not ready yet. We need some posts from here.

I already mentioned this theoretical issue: how can women detect happiness? Joy is an internal psychological state. So it needs to be expressed for the outside world. Telepathy is not my cup of tea. Dominance is indicated by happiness. Thus a transmission belt is needed to translate joy into a dominance structure. In ethology, there is a concept that can help us demonstrating the existence of this transmission belt.

Source : Fabien Génin, PhD in biology of behavior (translated)
Honest signal / dishonest signal : in sexual selection, a signal is said honest if it effectively provides correct information to the females regarding the capacities of the male (for example, vivid colors can be associated with good resistance against parasite). If it is dishonest, it is linked with no aptitude.

The signal is honest only if it is beyond the sexual drive control otherwise all males could get access to reproduction. This is against natural selection principle. An honest signal can be emitted from a DNA dependent dominance trait (relative size, physical beauty). No male can manipulate his DNA so it fits the constraint. What about the happiness dominant trait? First of all, we need to discuss whether happiness is a conscious state. Yes and no. It is conscious in the sense that you feel happy. But you cannot know whether you are happier than the other. If you are bipolar you exactly know what happiness is. Turn the “volume knob” and you will see it swaying from melancholy to almightiness. Have you noticed how it is funny how people engage in a rat race to look happier than the others? It looks like a dominance structure to me. Let’s assume, we don’t need to be precise here, that happiness is conscious. But you cannot decide directly to be happy. You need the others or a local dominance hierarchy to achieve your joy goal. Things are not that simple. But something very simple needs to be said once again: The individual should not be in an evolution position to interfere with the honest signal. The process is a three steps process. You’re hopefully victorious in one of the local hierarchy dominance (or from the others, preferably dominant), this is converted into happiness which is then conveyed by the honest signal to the outside world. If you control the honest signal, then no need to struggle for life. What an intolerable thought for evolution!

The main problem lies in the existence of this honest signal. I haven’t seen it studied in evolutionary literature. It must be extremely subtle. It is also variable as it is supposed to reflect a varying state of happy consciousness. I asserted that a manic episode is caused by an excess of dominance that massively amplifies your very self. Everything gets amplified. In the middle of all these amplified functions, is there one that is usually so discreet that it is overlooked? The reason is yes. At normodominance (euthymia), it is drowned among the visible dominance trait. However, here, it is also effective, remember that all natural selection needs is a slight skew. When the manic amplifier turns a 60W lamp into a 10 000 watts flashing spotlight, your hypersexuality will have at least a cause and an effect: My name is Bond, Transient Bond. Or Cinderella, before and after midnight.

The emergence of honest signals is the result of the everlasting armed race between males and females. Male always have a tendency (understatement) to deceive females on their actual aptitudes and females defend themselves against dominance usurpers. Happiness and its honest signal seem to be the best bet for female when selecting a sexual partner. Once again I don’t deny that other DNA dominant traits are not taken into account by females. Females try to derive happiness from a conscious observation of these traits. I’m not going to blame them to adore George Clooney. But they adore him because he’s an image of happiness which is an indicator of dominance. Consciously they infer happiness from physical traits while their limbic system has a direct unconscious “awareness” of the honest signal. Indeed the honest signal is transported largely across an unconscious end to end channel. If it was conscious, natural selection… I’ve already sung this song. You know it now. This is exactly what makes the honest signaling mysterious. It comes, it goes, you feel it but you don’t see it.

Happiness is how Nature knows that a dominant trait is indeed effective in the struggle for life. Natural selection is affective like human! And females know all from you at a glance if they listen to their desires. If you’re not handsome, that’s absolutely not the end the world. Find yourself an activity, like guitar for example, give the best of you and the rest will flow. Woman will then be attracted for what you are.

I cannot agree with Christophe André (French well-known) psychiatrist who says that happiness has no purpose. If it exists, and a bipolar can tell you that it exists, then it is useful from an evolution perspective. It is not only a reward. It is also your rank in the dominance structure. It also guides us to improve ourselves because it provides feedback on our last actions. The only question that matters in life is: Did my last achievements improve my state of happiness (and the size of my wallet, ok, point granted)?

My episode III is no longer mysterious. The source of my bewilderment stems from this disco night where 90% of women were staring at me. Why women did change their behaviors vis-à-vis me? How did they recognize my internal almightiness? The answer is very simple now. The regulative part of dominance had forced my usual slightly depressed state into an almighty feeling, skipping the normal happiness across the way. Almightiness is the overdominant form of happiness. Honest signaling has done its job of transmission belt of the internal feeling of happiness and turned myself into a super Casanova. It is not just eye contact. During my ups, women don’t hesitate to take the initiative. It is funny to observe especially when they’re 20. Girls, you’re twenty years late! I haven’t much to say to you. But I go on going to club from time to time just for my experimental study of behaviors and also to keep the conviction because my brain has a tendency to say: “no it cannot be that simple, it can’t be”.

When back home from this disco evening, I look to myself carefully. Was something special? The answer is no. Nothing was there to be detected. I look like the usual drunk shit after having gone over 5:00 pm. Let’s try to speculate. Elimination is a good approach. My clothes were ordinary. Only my hands and face were visible to the public. Hands are not really something that a women look at on the dance floor. So the usual suspect seems to be the face. Multiple study show that faces is involved in dominance. But they are DNA related (example: square jaws). Look is also involved in dominance. If you break eye contact you are submitted. Psychiatrists say that maniac have a sparkling look. I don’t know what this is worth in terms of scientific statement but in any case, the face seems to be the focus point for exchange of happiness related dominance information.

Source : Psychologie de la soumission et de la manipulation, submissiveness and manipulation psychology, Nicolas Guéguen
Visual contact could have the same function. Inference of others’ dominance rather than statutory (social) rank could be inferred from it. Dominance is specific dimension whereas status is multidimensional./…/. Results show that a staring experimenter is evaluated as more dominant than a quick glancing one. At the same time, the subject acknowledges that he perceive himself as less dominant when he’s stared at. For Thayer (1969), such repeated results (Argyle, Levevre and Cook, 1974) would confirm the animal model of dominance expression : the dominant has the privilege to look at the subordinate.

We know if a face is happy or sad. Do we know to which extent it influences us? Now you are going to be careful about your face. You should not because if you try that you will have two problems. First you will obtain a rictus, second this rictus is going to disappear and you know how woman like to observe us when we don’t know it!

To summarize, the maniac is biologically dominant while he’s socially unfit. The honest signaling of variable dominance (happiness) is pushed full steam high. Once again Dominance pushes the mind and the body over its limits. The honest signal is as amplified as the other functions. It is meant to rank us in the dominance structure. We will be able to see this dominance structure in the next post. I know: You can’t wait.

Damien Saez / Jeunesse lève-toi
Dis-moi qu’on brûle encore
Dis-moi que brûle encore cet espoir que tu tiens
Parce que tu n’en sais rien de la fougue et du feu
Que je vois dans tes yeux ?

(Tell me it gets burned again
Tell me this hope that you hold is still burning
Because you know nothing of the impetuosity and fire
that I see in your eyes?)


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