1.3.2 Hypersexuality

In the previous post, we did change our vision on bipolar disorder. It seems that the maniac “enjoys” a special dominant status. The next step is to ask ourselves whether the illness symptoms are consistent with this theory. These must suggest an increase in the selective value (or fitness) and subsequent elevation in the dominance hierarchy. In order to analyze the symptoms, let’s time travel to the Pleistocene age. Homo sapiens were struggling to survive and most of our basic behaviors of today were being evaluated and selected by Nature. This was indeed a blessed time where the social control was not as sophisticated as it is today: No Pdoc, No cop and no psychiatric hospital. The maniac could intensively and freely live his mood swings. He could risk his life defying the dominant males and euphorically copulate. He had to seize the day because a massive down could follow which surely meant death in a hostile environment. Bear in mind that there were no contraceptives in this period, sexual intercourses meant pregnancy. No need to say that giving birth is a crucial step in the natural selection process.

You have guessed that the symptom I want to evoke now is hypersexuality which is a consequence of both the libido increase and the libidinal disinhibition. But you need to accept the fact that it is somehow commanded by the mood upswing. Here it could be argued that the sexual instinct calls the shots. It is a proximate cause. The ultimate cause is the mood elevation which takes command of the instinct. And since I suggest that mood elevation is related to dominance, we can draw the expected conclusion that dominance drives the sexual instinct. This is not surprising. When Nature likes you, it wants you to reproduce. So forget about the almighty libido or sexual energy which is considered by Freudian as the ultimate cause of our behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize that the sexual instinct drives some behaviors. But to me, it is a primary need like hunger which drives the food search behavior. The sexual instinct command the search of a sexual partner exactly like thirst triggers the search of drinkable water.

According to Schopenhauer, we perceive ourselves as hunger, thirst and sexuality. The latter one is not above the first two. Some behaviors are not meant to fulfill the sexual instinct. However, intellectually, it could seem pertinent to consider that our activities are motivated by one unique goal: reproduction. If you find water and food, it is meant to maintain a body ultimately used for reproduction. To me this is an abstract thought because instincts are blind to each other. They are integrated in a later stage that is called by Konrad Lorenz “the parliament of instinct”. Parliament means that no particular instinct is above the others, or drives the others. The sexual instinct drives a behavior class, that’s all. Stating like Freud that the sexual energy (libido) is the single most important motivating force in adult life is as far as I am concerned not true from an ethological perspective. To summarize, whenever I drink I don’t feel an erection.

Source : FR-Wikipedia (Translated)
No fear of being indecent, a disinhibition that entails seductive attitude and excess of sex often with randomly chosen partner (while in his normal state, the person would not have wished this kind of behavior)

Society considers hypersexuality with embarrassment. It accepts perfectly well or even promote some behaviors (Don Juan, Casanova, James Bond…) but it seems unable to accept the sexual masterstrokes of a maniac especially as he would confess later not wanting to have engaged in such reckless intercourses. The judgment of society is somehow copied to the no longer manic brain. This transfer is made easy by the unlimited capacity of a depressed bipolar patient to feel guilty. All in all, it happens as if society unconsciously judged that the maniac was not compliant with a non-written rule that “fairly” allocate sex among the community. The manic sex share is way too high if compared with the “normal”/usual status of the bipolar.

It is interesting to note that the amplified sexual instinct colors the relationship with women: Excess of familiarity, no fear of being indecent. The maniac sends a non-ambiguous signal that he is available for sexual intercourses. What is fascinating is that the buoyant instinct has a direct impact on what we think is the most well sheltered part of our self: thoughts. The neocortex is assaulted with waves of sexual intercourse requests. Again the instinct cannot command itself to go up or down. It must be regulated by another mechanism: the mood or the dominance.

The manic individual has a more intense sexual life whereas in its normal state he would not want it to be so excessive. Well, this is reported by Wikipedia. From my perspective, the bipolar patient cleans his acts vis-à-vis society. The content of his profound thoughts may differ significantly. I can admit that there are some sort of regrets as regard to the risk taken (For example no use of condoms, multiple partners…) but I don’t see a normally built male regretting a sexual intercourse per se. These regrets have no sense in evolutionary psychology. They are mainly cultural: the bipolar is requested to think against his profound, unconscious self.

Source: Biology and human Behaviors, Gérard Zwang
As to the sexual excess (“orgasmic overconsumption”), it is a myth without explicit disease classification.

Should the maniac want this hectic sex life or not makes finally no difference because profound and unconscious instinct emerges and prevails over his free will. We, bipolar, are governed by a huge instinctual drive which overwhelms the superior reasoning functions of the brain like a tsunami invades the coastline. I remember Nietzsche writing that man undergo the influence of multiple winds. The maniac has to come to term with a single hurricane that blows in the same direction: more, more, and more. The hurricane soon become wind and then stands still. Mood decides. Theses fluctuations will be addressed and define when I will define dominance more in-depth.

There is a significant point that the psychiatrists and Wikipedia have overlooked. Normally, when you get to have sexual intercourse, you need to have a partner. That’s the usual case. Normally, there’s a female partner who give in, get seduced and agree (Sorry for the female audience, but I warned in the introduction that it was a male centric blog). Whatever you call it there must be some kind of mutual agreement. Most of the bipolars are not convicted rapist. Manic episode can trigger unlawful behavior though. That’s why mood disorders are involved in rapes (Kapfa et al, Mac Elroy et al). All in all, if you consider that the vast majority of bipolars are not rapist and that the female agree. Where does the hypersexuality come from then? Suddenly a woman gets defenseless to handle the manic unlimited attraction power? Why is that? It is as if something happens that changes profoundly the relationship of the bipolar vis-à-vis its environment.

Here the disco experiment needs to be reminded. When I was right in the middle of a female crowd who stared at me, I did not let myself go. First because I knew I was manic and second because it was supposed to be a scientific experiment (scientific are like angels, guess why). Flirting could have made the excitation worse. Moreover it was as if your environment was changed from a desert to the Eden Garden: How on my manic earth could I choose? Hypersexuality is an acknowledged symptom of mania. So my experience or experiment captures the first step of it. What is at stake here is not sex in itself; it is the mystery of mutual attraction between male and female. And this is not male specific (otherwise, I will be slapped by my female audience). This is demonstrated by this sad post on a French bipolar forum.

Source: le forum des bipotes (Translated from French)
Hi, I don’t’ know if it is the right place to post… Ok I’ll start anyway. As my previous posts put it, I did not take my treatment any more, I did party a lot, drank a lot, had sex a lot without giving it too much thought…2 or 3 weeks ago, I decided to resume the treatment (Lithium, Tercian, Lysanxia, Risperdal and Stilnox to sleep).

We can conclude that the bipolar subject switch from a normal sexuality to a hypersexuality. From a cold Darwinian perspective, its selective value (fitness) has skyrocketed. Don’t tell me that there are contraceptives; they didn’t exist hundreds of centuries ago. Maybe the mammoth skin was more subtly used than previously thought. Highly unlikely though. Since the fitness has increased, it is reasonable to derive that the maniac was somehow dominant during the course of its episode. It is amusing to note that the hypersexuality is a symptom. It should be considered as a behavior. Psychiatry and ethology could better talk to each other then. Since it is a symptom, it is vaguely considered as “bad”. Judging sex is the problem of those who perform it. It is in itself neither evil nor good. It is also in itself neither hyperevil nor hypergood. In France, the elite knew and found it normal that Dominique Strauss Kahn was a horny devil. When society looks at bipolar, the same behavior is considered as abnormal, as a visible mark of the disease. The bipolar is always seen through the moralizing glasses of the “normalizer” who sleeps in every psychiatrist’s mind. You need to look at the bipolar through the ethologist’s glasses. You are then able to link his behavior to the dominance phenomenon. Whether you like or not.

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2 thoughts on “1.3.2 Hypersexuality

  1. Hey I did some reading on my own disorder… and what I discovered about hypersexuality is that 43% of sufferers never get it, and that when it does manifest it’s more likely to take the form of obscene talk and dirty joke-telling (is that really “sexuality” ~ joke-telling and talk?) I don’t think so. 🙂 😦 😉

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