1.7.1 Overview


Conclusions are always difficult to draw. I’ll take the easy option and summarize the ideas of the previous posts. A theory is always partly related to you and your experience of life. Its starting point is my illness and its dreaded ups: 3 manic episodes have left an indelible print in my existence. The first two ended up in hospital and the third enabled me to understand what was happening to me (Episode I, Episode II, Episode III). I want to underline that episode III was medicated. This is doubtless the reason why I overcame the ordeal and could lead an almost normal life during its 6 months duration. I was feeling the same symptoms as the first two episodes. I’ll always be thankful to my pdoc for having prescribed lithium to me.

The first two episodes were absolutely beyond reach of any understanding. The only thing that I figured out at the end of the second episode was my change of status from normal to mentally ill. That was it. Some strange things had happened but they were real. Others could only be classified under the item “delusions”. You need to separate what are delusions from what is interesting. That’s a prerequisite to move on. My third episode was specific in the sense that I was not diagnosed maniac and I was subsequently not locked up in a psychiatric hospital. I was a functioning maniac on the loose. The inner part of me was completely berserk but the one necessary for social survival was still up and running. This enabled me to understand what was going on. Since I didn’t do anything foolish, I could observe the reactions of others toward an asymptomatic maniac. The strangest thing was the new female eyes looking at me. There were others changes of behaviors from male, but the most astounding one was the new interest of woman in me in spite of the absence of change in my behavior or in my external appearance.

You may start to laugh, but it was something real. People were seeing me as a manager and corresponding jobs were proposed to me. That sounded a little funny because I’m more of an expert than a manager. But again, the basic thing was the change of female behaviors toward me. It is not an area where I’m usually gifted. There have been some relationships. I did not know why it worked this time and not the others. It was not because of me because I’m not the one who does the first steps. So I was chosen but I did not choose. So I rejected. Thus my sentimental life looks like a field of ruins.

Before 2006, I hadn’t paid too much attention to my mood fluctuations. I’m convinced now that there has been a link between these fluctuations and my Casanova capability. Of course, manic peaks are not the unique mood level. A massive up was not necessary to trigger the phenomenon. It seems that there was a mood elevation compatible with normal life with women. Other lesser level seemed to be a major impairment which prevented me from social interactions. During my second episode, I distinctly heard people inviting me to go to parties. That was a total change compare to my usual zombie life. My presence was suddenly wanted whereas it was usually rejected. This is strange but for me it was a little disturbing. I’m a constant loner. If something changes, I cannot be the culprit. I discovered later on the reasons of this change. It was some kind of a non-religious original sin. A very stupid thing. It’s personal and can’t apply to everybody. We’ll discuss that later.

The keyword that came to my mind to explain these fluctuations was dominance. It was crystal clear. Male/female relationships are governed by the rules of dominance hierarchy in social animals. Why on earth would not this apply to humankind? I don’t want to downplay human achievement here. Indeed, dominance expresses itself in a different way in humans but I believe that the dominant/submissiveness framework still applies. I started to read all materials related to dominance and tried to learn as much as possible about evolutionary psychology, human ethology and Darwinism. I discovered some publications that clearly link bipolar disorder with dominance. Then, I demonstrated that manic symptoms could be interpreted, irrespective of the environment, as an increase in the selective value of the subject (Hypersexuality, Struggle for Life, Social Animal). Intuitively, I’ve considered that an increase in fitness signals an increase in dominance.

Of course, it may seem counter-intuitive to portray the maniac as dominant. After all, mentally ill are rejected from society and it is difficult to get access to reproduction in a mental hospital. This rejection is not immediate though. When you are manic, you’re not automatically and immediately sent to hospital. There is a period where you can act in society as a maniac. You’re not recognized as crazy immediately. As a manic, I can walk on the street, eat, and carry out complex tasks. You’re eventually sent to the hospital not because you act in funny ways but because you are a danger to yourself or society. There is small difference here. Jean Albou in his book “un fou dans l’art/madness in Art”) depicts a situation where he is manic but not recognized as crazy. He continues to evolve in society until a financial collapse due to his manic prodigality. Bipolar madness is not a total incapacity to fit for reality. From the others perspective, it is not unintelligible or inconsistent. You can talk to a manic, he will respond. That is, if peaks that trigger delusions or delirium are not reached. What is important to understand is that maniac can evolve in society for a short period of time without being recognized as immediately crazy. You need pdoc to diagnose.

The bipolar disorder cannot be understood without an underlying parameter which expresses itself during hyperthymic excesses and depressed paralysis. This internal parameter impacts all brain and body functions. Necessarily, dominance refers to this parameter however it is not described as such such in the ethological state of the art. Here, dominance is described externally as relationship vis-à-vis the environment, not as an internal parameter that enables external dominance. Pure or internal dominance is a pre-condition for external ethological dominance. Internal dominance is a neurologic volume knob that regulates the expression of body and brain. It catalyzes the self during the ups and it inhibits it during the downs. This simple thought will be one day considered by psychiatrist, that is, if they talk to ethologist.

By comparing internal dominance and selective value (which closely relate to external dominance), I have established the autonomy of these two concepts. From a certain threshold, internal dominance goes on increasing whilst selective value plummets due to the lack of adaptation of the maniac to reality (delusions, inappropriate social behaviors….). I’ve attempted to show how the erratic dominance volume knob affects critical psychological functions which create new states of mind leading to madness (Racing thoughts, Self-esteem, Almightiness).

Eventually, I’ve asserted a new ethological perspective on happiness and its related honest signal. Happiness is the internal psychological signal that guides you. It shows you the way to achieve a meaning of life sentiment. The honest signal is the external indicator that enables rank classification in the happiness based dominance structure. Both happiness and its honest signal constitute the human specific selection system. In animals, the selection system is based upon intraspecific violence which can be more or less ritualized (intimidation). We can wonder if the human natural selection system is the ultimate ritualization of violence and the most advanced one in terms of species survival (no wound, no killing…). It seems that violence was maybe less frequent in old Pleistocene tribes compare to other homo. The dominance structure is as an alternative hierarchy which provides more information to female than the outcome of a violent fight. It has been already described by scientists but they are not aware of the far-reaching implication of their work. They have discovered a gold nugget but they don’t seem to understand the price of gold.

What is the most striking when the mood is up, is the change in others’ behavior. This is so impressing that it was for me the decisive exogenous factor that leads to madness. If you are not bipolar (nobody’s perfect), you cannot experiment this change of behavior because your dominance fluctuates within a very short range and very slowly. I can compare this to physics. Sane people live on earth and then the Newtonian laws apply because speed is not very high. Everything’s normal, apple fall from apple tree, you can drive on the highway and time seems to be an everlasting flow from past to future. However if you reach light speed you are going to live in a strange world where relativist effect are going to occur. Strange thing like the twin paradox will make you think that time has become a really special dimension. That’s exactly the way you should think bipolar disorder.

So that is it for the theory I tried to elaborate on in this blog. All hyperlinks point at the relevant posts. I strongly recommend that you read all posts following the numbering order. You can navigate using the categories located on the left pane. If you read one single article, you won’t understand because the reasoning is very linear. I try to add concept in a progressive way. Don’t hesitate to leave remarks. I know, my English is terrible.

The beatles / Let it be
And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Yeah there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be



Follow this  link : Berkeley : Interview S. Johnson

2.3.3 Listen…

Indeed that was not all. I have temporarily hidden other things from you. Maybe I’m using some mental manipulation techniques which consist in not disclosing everything so that your neocortex does not suddenly wake up. In the previous posts, I’ve shared with you a secret I’ve never shared with anybody so far. The last mystery I want to unveil is the most disturbing one. Of course, there is a large space for subjectivity and interpretation. However, it’s my blog, I do whatever I want. Moreover, I’m warning you.

Firstly, let’s get go and dive into the atmosphere (here). My NDE hadn’t been only a sensation of power, fear and love. It happened also that this…er… incredible thing talked to me. Certainly, it had been scarce with words, but, as far I was concerned, I couldn’t talk much myself. I was paralyzed by fear and surprise. « It » told me three words: « Listen to your heart ». Apparently, it thought that I was stupid because it kept on repeating the words in an endless loop as I was merging with the white circle.

I know, technically, this what you call hearing voices. I fully agree. In all other environment I would do. But here, this was a NDE. I was close to my end and could I dare to say that I was as near as could be from the Mystery of the world. Would you believe it? The mystery of the world spoke perfect French, without accent.

Ok, I want to warn you again. I’m not into trying to convince anyone. What I’m looking for here is to put my ideas in order. Once again, this post will let subjectivity and interpretation express themselves. You have two obvious choices. Either you consider the whole thing as a psychotic break or… something happened. If I consider option 1, this post is of no interest, please move to the next one. The second option allows you to continue reading and follow the path of my subjectivity.

« Listen to you your heart » had been neither a commanding voice nor a content I would absolutely believe in during or after the NDE. Self-esteem had had nothing to do with it. Certainly, the environment was utterly impressing but this was not akin to the amplified expression of the self-esteem that cut you off from the world. I wasn’t part of the world any more anyway. The voice was neutral. You were free to believe it or not. I didn’t choose during episode I, I just set it apart. I didn’t even pay too much attention to it. When the ups was through, I realized how extraordinary the experience was and how these three words would be carved in my brain forever. But, wait a minute, “what” was I told exactly?

You know French is not similar to English in many ways. We French like to be formal. “Your” in “your heart” can be either translated by “ton coeur” or by “votre coeur”. “votre” is very formal and is used when you basically don’t know the person. On the contrary, you would use “ton” when you know the person you’re talking to like a friend or family. I was said “Ecoute (listen) Ton (your) coeur (heart). This implies that the “thing” was not formal and and that it knew me. Was I provided some kind of friendly advice, a general Truth or a moral command? If you were me you would analyse these three words very carefully indeed. The more I construed them, the more they made me perplexed. At that time, I could only consider two levels of interpretations. The first level of interpretation was very literal: I was having a heart attack. Maybe that would make you laugh, but this interpretation has prevailed for a long time. It supposed an information system that gets triggered during critical time of survival. When I thought of it, I didn’t find it satisfying though. I was 22, my heart was in perfect condition and I “woke up” in a perfect shape. From an evolutionary perspective there is no survival gain in any system telling you: “Great, you’re dying and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

The second interpretation was the more obvious one: a moral injunction. It was far from me so it reinforced the exteriority of the piece of advice. I thought it was something like “be generous, help people…” It sounded the more likely option but it was the less satisfying for me. So this is it? This “thing” had come and buggered me just to keep singing the same moral songs, the ones sung by of the cohorts of tired priests during their endless mass. Hey, I was just a young, cynical and still ambitious student. Don’t even think to try that with me! Upfront, there was such a disappointing discrepancy between this extraordinary experience and the semantic content of the voice that I denied it. So the interpretative mystery lived on. In any cases, everything had been done to carve the words in my brain. The words were at least consistent with the experience. I didn’t hear “eat at Joe’s”.

Something was worth noting: the « thing » told me I had a heart. That’s not bad. What on earth would that mean to not listen to it? The “thing” should have drawn a picture, or design some explaining slides with two or three bullet points. You know what; I think that the “thing” has some communication problems. This really felt too cryptic to be turned into action.

If this communication did not happen, I would have thought of a natural phenomenon; for short a non-personal thing. This is truly annoying for a non-believer like me. Would that mean that there is a god after all? In my manic state, I’m not subject to voices. Certainly, I’ve had delusions but I always heard my thought inside my head. I did not see no little grey men, no angels and no entities whatsoever. Only this impressing white circle like a tunnel.

I would lie if I’d say to you this was all about a conversion. Let’s say that something crossed my mind; something I hadn’t considered before and the only sensible to do was to start thinking about it like a possibility. I must lay the emphasis on the idea that from then on, I understood religion. I understood that a guy could get down a mountain with 10 commandments (I recognize the imperative style) and impress people. The “thing” was more elaborative then. It was clearer and more directive than with me. I’m jealous.

Well, all in all, I did not understand much. From the perspective of the “thing”, I guess I was an under achiever. Not only was I a fearful coward with a chicken head, but I was so stupid I could not understand what I was told. God speaks many languages. Its native language is Life. For those who are patient enough to read this living language, there’s always a time when clarity replaces mystery.

Robbie Williams / Feel
I sit and talk to God
And he just laughs at my plans
My head speaks a language
I don’t understand


2.3.2 Open Book

Dear reader, I know what you think. He’s gone completely mad and he’s had his mystic crisis. Can’t help it, I’m bipolar. I can attempt to sound rational on the subject but I cannot exclude myself from my own theory. It would be lying and lacks cleanliness in the sense of Nietzsche’s terminology. I’m in my own world vision. It is very difficult to bear this burden on my frail shoulder. Again, being bipolar enables you to be crazy and normal, to be within and to be out. We human beings cannot figure out the truth because we live in there. We cannot have an external point of view of our world for we are prisoners of it. Isn’t it craziness that allows this external point of view which provides a more acute perspective than the one of a healthy person?

I will undoubtedly never be able to answer this simple question: Is the experience that I described in the previous post an evidence of my madness? I have no answer. The strangest thing is that this experience did not have any explicit impact on the behaviors of my first episode. Certainly, I thought I was god but there was no mental reference whatsoever to this unique experience. I believe my brain wanted to deny and forget this terrible trauma. Moreover, in manic state, there are so many ideas in your head that you just can’t cling to one. You’re bound to live in an ever whirling present. All in all, what followed this event didn’t depend on this event…Consciously. However I believe my subconscious was surely dealt a hell of a blow.

I mentioned earlier that bipolars tend to sort out delusions from the rest. Precisely, the revelation is part of the rest which you cannot come up with a satisfying explanation. Of course you think of delusions, disturbed conscious state or abnormal electro-chemical transmissions between neurons. When I got back to euthymia, the event was stored to the place you can see at the end of the movie raiders of the lost ark. I think that the warehouse idea is great for it blends an element of mystery and a kind of x-files touch. Some months after the end of the episode I, mystery lost a part of its thickness. The question mark was made not uniquely made of unknown; it was also based on my own ignorance.

Life sometimes provides us with partial answers. You need to let chance guide your steps. My mother is a strong believer. To her, Faith is a continuous and clever dialog with reason. I have inherited this sense of dialog. For me, the interaction is between reason and craziness. My mother buys books and I must admit that I often read them. They are about faith and Jesus. I like to read randomly and get immersed. I am an easily swayed sponge. I had to be nothing until the jigsaw pieces fitted together. A new book was lying around above the piano. My mother’s books ultimately land on the piano. Maybe books are the music of the soul. The title of the new book reads: “Enquêtes sur les anges gardiens” (Investigation on guardian angels). It surprised me because my mother was not used to reading this kind of literature. I didn’t pay attention; I had to get off the beaten tracks. I needed something unusual which would resonate with the analysis I had carried out of my first manic episode.

According to me, there are three categories of book: The ones that you devour, the ones that you taste and the ones that you don’t read. The ones that you devour take you three days to read. They are in essence stories, things easy to understand which consolidate, reveal or reinforce what you already know. The ones that you taste are difficult. They teach you new things that you don’t understand in the first place. It is like climbing a mountain, travel to the unknown and get back to where you started feeling less stupid than before. Books you don’t read are simply the books that you don’ read. They’re not part of the random selection on your life path to truth. Let’s put this straight. You never discover truth. At some point, you simply realize how wrong you were. There is always an eye behind your head that reinterprets the past on the basis of what you have learned.

The reading of the “investigation on guardian angels” belongs to the first two categories. You devour this book like a popular book but at the same time the reading drives you to some other paths which were far from me. The author’s vision was appealing to me: I’m not religious; I don’t believe in this bullshit but there are strange things happening here though, something similar to my own craziness. Let’s put that again straight; I don’t believe in guardian angels however the book had open a door. Something spiritual could be expressed outside the rigid framework of churches. I did trust the book because the last chapters provided a clarification to the mystery of my revelation. Indeed, I could put now a name on my experience: “Near death experience”, NDE.

The objective of this blog is not to elaborate much on NDE because a scant literature must exist on the subject on the internet. All I can say is that my experience follows the same pattern as this phenomenon and whenever I hear from it, I pay attention. It is of extremely importance for people suffering from a mental illness to not feel exceptional or unique. This leads to messianic delusions. The sheer fact to name the phenomenon makes you accept its paradoxical banality. There cannot be millions of messiah. That’s not logical. This is the message I send to my next episode: there’s nothing extraordinary and, think about it like the wink of a woman’s eye.

It was not a complete delusion then. Millions of American have shared this delusion, thus, I don’t believe it is one. The only question of interest for me is whether or not it was congruent with my manic episode. Was I in a near death state? I hardly believe so; I was in a hospital kept under medical scrutiny for something which was not serious. I was in a super good shape, you can imagine. Was it this magnesium prick that started the whole thing? Did medic made a mistake in my treatment? If my brain stopped breathing, how could I say hello to dad, terrified but lively? All I can reasonably say is that my NDE happened when I was manic. This is the first observation. The second is I believe what see and what I saw was a terrible force that my “brain” called “loved”. Maybe I will allow myself to talk about things like soul (my simplest me) and god? These words sound a little bit unusual these days…

That was not the end of it…

Frankie goes to Hollywood / the power of love
The power of love
A force from above
Cleaning my soul
The power of love
A force from above
A sky-scraping dove.

2.3.1 Revelation

I write and write so much so that I forget the topic of this blog: me. True, I oscillate between essay and blog. But I have no alternative because my true nature is to fluctuate. Therefore I have to put my ideas in order, to freeze them. I’m nearly forty, statistically mid-life. I need to analyse my current situation and to explore all these pages that were turned under a sometimes violent wind, always unpredictable. I’m going to focus on a particular page which was never really turned. I like this kind of page because I’m attracted to what I don’t understand. People like what they understand. Everything is in order, no alarm and no surprises: sort of middle aged mental world. We bipolars are pins which are periodically crashed by a heavy sphere. What we are is all what we can oppose. This resilience, that we must learn to survive, enables us to put the pins back in the upright position, waiting for the next game. We straw piles could we see the wind?

Before tackling the answer, I must address the relationship we all have vis-à-vis this specific human phenomenon: religion. If an inquisitor pushed me to answer the question as to the strength of my faith, I would disappoint him and I would say to him that my relationship with god must be complex enough, to such an extent that I cannot answer the question. Intellectually, to me, god is more a hope than a faith. I hope that these billions days of suffering and happiness have a sense. I hope in god. I’m afraid it is all I can say. It’s all I could say until 1994. I thought that God was an idea that someone came up with to make the people shut up, to submit them to the benefit of a parasite group. I thought that Jesus was a sort of Santa Claus for adult and I had been taken for ride once! Faith was surrounded by suspicion and mistrust. The only question worth considering was how the religion emerged in the human hearts. It was no obsession. However I always wondered why people believed in irrational, unproved or invisible thing which dated back to times nobody possessed an IPhone. My hope goes to god; my faith drives me to worship Pythagoras, Kepler, Einstein or Darwin. Theirs words will always live because they can be discussed, amended or changed. Science is surely my religion because it links me to Truth, dispels lies and quenches my thirst for understanding the beauty of the world. However Science was of no help where I went during this summer of 1994. I was never told about this world and if science says that it does not exist, I would just say that science does not know everything.

Let’s get back to my first episode. I didn’t tell you all about it. After this famous hypnopompic wake up, I called the firemen who drove me to the Versailles Hospital (The hospital, not the Palace. Did you know that there were living forms, streets, restaurants around the palace?). I was very high at this stage, I wasn’t realizing anything because at that time, there was nothing known to realize. The volcano was not eruptive yet. The medics did not realize I was as up as heaven. They gave me some totally harmless meds like magnesium. Shortly after having been medicated, something really strange happened, something really extraordinary (here for the general feeling). All of a sudden, a starry vault where the stars don’t scintillate. White dots lost in a large obscurity. All is quiet, I don’t think. As far as I can remember, I can’t see anything related to my body. In the upper left corner, I see a high concentration of white dots that are forming a white albeit not perfect circle. Right at this moment, I sense that something extremely powerful has taken up the lead on the operations. How can I describe what I feel? All I can feel is something extraordinarily powerful. I don’t want (and can’t) elaborate too much on this because generations of sports journalist have used adjectives in a way that they have no impact any more nowadays. I feel that the white circle vacuums me. This can be deducted from the moves of the white dot around me. A close comparison would be the millennium falcon of star wars when hyperdrive is on.

Suddenly, I grasped through a neither thought nor verbalized intuition that if I went on vacuumed like this, it would mean the end of my life: I was seeing myself dying. I was scared beyond recognition. This emotion demonstrated somehow that I was still here. It was neither a dream nor a nightmare. Fear and terror could not be expressed through a scream because what needed a body was irrelevant. I could not escape. You need legs to flee. I wasn’t thinking about it anyway. I was only fear. I was reduced to this simple emotion. Suddenly (again), my attention got attracted by something white, can’t really remember exactly what. My “brain” told me the word “love” and a feeling of intense, powerful, beyond-word love added itself to fear. It was no sissy love. It was terrible, pure and unconditional, just inhuman. As I was closing in to the white circle, a kind of star wars was getting more and more intense. Eventually, colorful and white spots started to whirl like in a vortex and reality came back to me, abruptly. The violence of the transition was startling. Reality replaced chaos and I found myself back in my hospital room. My father was just popping in. My back was standing in its upright position. It was no wake up, it wasn’t the morning. I never sleep during the day.

I will always remembered the dialog with my father after the “wake up”:
“Me : What’s going on ?
Him (obviously worried): Nothing, maybe it’s because you’re an adult now”.

Well, I was 22. It was high time for me to be an adult. He did not know what happened and would never know. So do have mystic crisis here? I don’t think so. If the concept of reality does not contain all what you see, you need to extend it. To be continued…

Eurythmics / There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)
No one on earth could feel like this
I´m thrown and overblown with bliss
There must be an angel
Playing with my heart
I walk into an empty room
And suddenly my heart goes boom
It´s an orchestra of angels/../
I must be hallucinating
Watching angels celebrating
Could this be reactivation?
All my senses dislocating
This must be a strange deception
By celestial intervention
Leaving me the recollection
Of your heavenly connection

AC/DC / Thunderstruck
I looked round and I knew there was no turning back
My mind raced and I thought what could I do
And I knew there was no help, no help from you
Sound of the drums beating in my heart
The thunder of guns tore me apart
you’ve been thunderstruck

2.2.6 Human UFO

The honest signal of happiness is the cornerstone of my theory. I have introduced the notion in a previous post (here). Without it, my theory collapse like a house of cards. Honesty commands to recognize that it is not described in any scientific study. Nowadays the scientific emphasis is laid on DNA and genes which are supposed to explain everything. Certainly, genes are a far reaching discovery but we chew bones and don’t see the banquet next door. DNA is seducing in so far it reduces us to a genetic program that will be one day understandable. Moreover DNA is visible, material and subject to experience. By modifying the drosophila fly genes, you obtain a partially unrecognizable mutant. The link between genotype and phenotype is a fact and the related studies are exciting and full of promises. However this not the end of the story for it is necessary to link the phenotype to the environment. This is precisely where dominance as it is defined in this blog intervenes. All archaic dominances are based upon violence should it be effective or ritualized. It is visible and conscious. Two males fight or bully each other. This results in the group fully aware that there is a winner. This is simple. Modern dominance as I try to unmask in this blog is a soft dominance based on a synthetic happiness indicator which shows to the brain its level of adaptation to its environment and guide it toward what it becomes through a sophisticated system of punishment (low mood) and reward (high mood). This indicator is accessible to the brain must also be known to the rest of the group. Therefore a belt of transmission is necessary between the happy/unhappy mental state and the rank in the dominance hierarchy. The honest dominance signal is the ideal ethological concept to account for this information transmission. Of course I will not deny that there are other dominance vectors which play a similar role. However traits are not honest whereas the happiness signal does not lie because the transmitter/receiver of the signal is not under conscious control of the individual. Moreover a dominance trait, per se, hasn’t been approved by Mother Nature. Nothing tells her that except happiness. I want to stress again that the perception and the generation of the message are subconscious. It is as though natural selection had implemented a common program for each human being. It executes itself without their knowledge for the species sake whose main interest lies in the dominant reproduction. I tend to manipulate notion like happiness, however we don’t live in a bed of roses. Natural selection is cruel even though it has chosen happiness as criterion in it secret strategy and as universal link between human beings.

Again, this honest dominance signal in human being is unknown from scientists who are keener on studying the dominance expression from traits (Shape of the jaws, size, testosterone levels…). I know for sure that it exists because I have experimented it. In episode III, I experienced an incredible change with a constant DNA. Hence I think the signal is the most rational explanation. It accounts for the exceptional reproductive success of the gurus. The scientific experiment is difficult because the normodominance rules out the signal in favor of visible dominance traits. However, in some cases, it seldom breaks through the surface. They are so exceptional that large experimental data are missing. But they do exist. Le Dinh and Hubbard are just dwarf compared to them. They leave visible footprints in history. Before starting to talk about one these human UFOs, I would like to continue and clarify what I mean by honest happiness signal.

Most notably, it is the projection of the summarized fitness inner representation (i.e. the mood) in the external world. The representation of the mood is conscious. However you don’t know if you are happier than someone else. Happiness is the sentiment of dominance. Unconscious honest signaling just conveys the message. Dominance as defined in this blog is a primary regulating function of the brain which receives information from the outside world, process them and regulates body and mind accordingly. This regulating function is of course cybernetic for it is massively submitted to billions of retroaction loops. It will take into account the modification it has itself triggered in the mind and the body. Whenever it detects a positive adjustment to the environment, it reinforces the body and mind triggers. However, if it detects a fitness failure, it will push you to try something else or it will give in. Am I describing correctly mania and depression here?

Flocking to the winning side is the first axiom that you learn in strategy. This is a simple and efficient strategy. Reinforcement is just that. Why do we make progress? Why do we learn? Why do we want to be less stupid than yesterday? Why sometime we live and learn? Why sometime we walk away? Because we want to climb the ladder of the dominance hierarchy (let’s call like that for now) which fit ourselves, mind, body, and genes. Dominance hierarchies of the human species are numerous and this is our main feature. They are more and more demanding these days. Hence fitness is still a modern concept. We’ll get back on dominance hierarchies in next posts. We’ll learn what is dominance hierarchy and domination hierarchy. Honest signaling and dominance hierarchy are well known concept in ethology. Other honest signaling exists in the animal world. Some species use pheromones to indicate their dominance. We’ll try to understand this subtle variable signal in human being. It is a signal and not a trait. The limbic brain secretly signals that it is happy and dominant at a given time.

The receiver of the signal will react according to its gender. Woman will detect its intensity without being aware of it. Its intensity will determine their behavior vis à vis the male of the species. A loud and clear “come on” will be conveyed to a happy dominant. Even if he is not particularly beautiful, women will say that the happy chosen one has got charm. We know this vocabulary too much. Charm is like charisma. We know the word but we don’t know where it comes from. This accounts for the unexpected tastes of women when it comes to selecting a mating partner. Natural selection keeps its strategies secret. “What does he have that I don’t” is the usual love song which doesn’t go the charts… Women’s criteria are submitted to the rule of the evolution. Even though that they are not aware of them. Natural selection act like to act behind the scene and surely rely on the happiness signal which indicates fitness (i.e. adaptation to the environment).

Of course, all other so called dominance traits (strength, beauty) are taken into accounts by the female. However, if you are fit but unhappy, you won’t be attractive (and not probably good sex). Happiness is the fundamental link between dominance traits and their utilization in the environment. Nietzsche said that genius was equivalent to have a huge ear. The result of this imbalance is disgraceful. Only happiness can summarize in an indicator the combination of dominance traits system adapted to the environment. If natural selection would take into account one dominant trait, we would have become an disgraceful and unfit assembly of dominance trait. We conclude again that thoughts were determined by this summarized happiness indicator because it accounts for the whole body and mind adaptation to the environment. We are in essence a balance. If this balance has a representation somewhere in the body and if it is used by the natural selection, then no wonder that blind instinct were counterbalanced by the germinating intelligence.

Males will also receive the message and they will be submissive without being aware of it. The dominance signal will interfere in the neocortex like wind in the trees. The content of the signal propagated to all functions of the brain by the limbic system is : “Be submissive, he will make you happy thus more dominant, he’s got a huge potential in resource accumulation, he will bring security and stability”. The male behavior will be conciliatory whenever he comes to terms with a strong dominance signal. In Pleistocene, the coherence and stability of the tribes was ensured by the regulating function of the dominant. This kept violence to a minimum.

Let’s don’t forget that one can be happy because he’s endowed with physical strength which can be correctly applied to the environment. The happiness honest signal is amoral. It cumulates in a synthetic indicator all components necessary to the fitness. This does include the threat of violence by physical strength. However violence tends to disappear as a representation of dominance in society for humankind seems nowadays evolved enough to leave its state of ape and to understand that violence and happiness is not a good blend. In order to maximize our survival chance, you need to maximize the happiness of everyone (i.e. the adaptation of everyone). The more we are fit, the more everyone, together, resists the challenges of the environment. In a way we pattern with the strategy of cells that we are made of.

The happiness honest signal is one of the pillars of my theory and we will attempt to see its expression through a phenomenal case. The human UFO I want to talk about was born at the end of the 19 century and was nicknamed Rasputin or maybe was it was his real name. Rasputin was a lecher and a “moujik”. His parents were peasants. He was not especially at the lowest rank in the social hierarchy, he was not especially poor. He never resorted to violence. This qualifies him for our experimental protocol which excludes all forms of violence not because it is evil per se, but because our primary goal is to identify happiness dominance. This is a difficult exercise which confirms the saying of Heraclites: “Nature likes to hide itself”. He qualifies as an excellent Guinea pig as he cumulates all symptoms of dominance fluctuating to abnormal level.

Firstly, Rasputin was likely undergoing a sever bipolar disorder: « Grigori recovered from an acute fever but he went through uncontrollable periods of highs and lows (Source: French Wikipedia, didn’t find anything related in the English version). On top of that he had visions of the Virgin Mary. This looks like a short but complete picture of manic depressive patient. Our now familiar regulative system of dominance is at play here. It seems to be under control in the case of Rasputin which is not known to have spent time in mental institutions. Let’s call that a superdominance phenomenon. This happens when an individual is capable of undergoing high level of dominance because their DNA and what they have acquired enables them to resist this internal fire. They are then able to utilize this dominance bonus to satisfy their ambitions.

Secondly, let’s apply the checklist that we came up with in the pdoc show post. Rasputin is mystical; creates a religious blahblah tailor made for his hypersexuality (redemption through sin, how nice!) which will not harm him to reach the summit of the social hierarchy of imperial Russia. It seems that his lechery and alcoholism was forgiven. How a man can start at the lowest level of the dominance hierarchy and reach the summit and, at the same time, obeying to a very elastic sense of morality. If you consider that imperial Russia was a closed, stratified and faith driven society. How can this happen? It is as though Rasputin benefited from a special treatment, an attribute or a wild card that would facilitate his way up. Of course, this wild card or this social and ethological key clearly refers to the honest dominance signal. It is enough for me to read the French Wikipedia to get an idea as to where it is located and how it works:

« His sharp piercing eyes were difficult to stand by his female admirers and lot of them gave in to his hypnotic charm. Lots of them took him for lover and healer.

« Rasputin in black kaftan, messy hair, black beard, his soft and unbearable eyes” (Picture from a diplomat)

Source : L’ombre d’un doute (France 3, French Tv Channel) / Les secrets de la mort de Raspoutine, the secrets of Rasputin death.
(FR) « Est-ce que c’était un escroc ? Ou est-ce que c’était un illuminé ? Personne n’a de réponse, Il était un ignare, ce n’était pas un homme savant. Il a dit qu’il allait faire des études de théologie, il en imposait » «Ce n’était pas un homme ordinaire, c’est un homme qui avait en lui tout de même, une force, divinatoire je ne sais pas, mais en tout cas une force magnétique une force, une capacité à soulager c’est certains et aussi une capacité à fasciner et à dominer ». Hélène Carrère d’Encausse.
(EN) « Was he a swindle? Or was he a mystic? Nobody has any answers. He was ignorant, not educated. He stated that he would go for theology studies. He was self-assertive. He was no ordinary man, he was man endowed with a force, divine I don’t know, in all cases a magnetic force, a capacity to relieve, that’s for sure and also a capacity to fascinate and dominate. (Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, Historian, specialist of Russian history).

Source : Psychologie de la manipulation et de la soumission, Nicolas Guéguen
(FR) Le contact visuel pourrait avoir la même fonction mais plutôt que de permettre une différenciation statutaire comme c’est le cas du toucher, il semble plutôt conduire à une inférence du niveau de dominance à propos d’autrui.
(EN) The eye contact could have the same function. Rather than enabling a social status differentiation like touch does, it could lead to an inference as to the level of dominance of the other.

Bryan Adams / Everything I do I do it for you
Look into my eyes – you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart, search your soul
And when you find me there you’ll search no more

2.2.5 Techniques

In the previous post, have asserted an unusual vision of the sect reality based on my ethological theory of human dominance. In order to be perfectly complete, we need to examine the phenomenon as it is perceived by society, as we know it somehow. All in all, we know it through denunciation and we store it somewhere so that it is beyond our understanding and beyond our willingness to see it as it is. Thus the sect is a misty concept where a legion of blahblahing psychoanalyst can display their skills. God knows that they are silent in their expensive consultation but extremely talkative on all subjects elsewhere. We should pay for their silence in all cases. You don’t believe me? I’ll not resist the temptation to translate a report from the milivude. The Milivude is a French state-funded administration in charge of keeping an eye on the sect phenomena and identify the dangerous one. Maybe the French translation will not prove anything but I can assure you that in French, it feels pedantic. So here’s the psychoanalytical view on sect and the underlying dominance.

Source : rapport Mivilude 2006
(FR)Dans le cadre de l’idéologie, l’adhésion peut correspondre à une réaction à l’usure et à la perte de crédibilité des appareils sociaux, politiques et religieux. Du désenchantement à la révolte, le citoyen réagit négativement à l’afflux d’informations qu’il reçoit sans moyens de les analyser et encore moins d’agir. D’où la fascination pour ce qui lui est présenté comme radicalement alternatif – ou au moins, à défaut de fascination, la curiosité. À cela, s’ajoute la séduction de la cohérence d’un discours réducteur et l’harmonie apparente des thèses universalistes. Eugène Enriquez précise ce que contient le discours tenu par le groupe sectaire : « Message qui proclame la culpabilité du monde de la vie de tous les jours, la nécessité de la Rédemption et l’engendrement par la seule parole du maître de la nouvelle société. En même temps, il formule la forclusion de la mort (les individus ont une âme immortelle et seront sauvés), le caractère obligatoire de la relation duelle entre le maître et ses disciples (ce qui exclut le tiers, qui seul peut garantir contre l’indistinction et la fusion amoureuse ou hypnotique) et l’installation dans un imaginaire où tout est permis et le temps est aboli. Y a-t-il plus beau message à adresser à tous ceux qui craignent le règne d’une raison critique, sceptique, destructrice d’idoles ? Ces hommes, qui ont la nostalgie du père (Freud), qui ont été bercés par l’image d’un paradis « à portée de la main », ces hommes qui se sentent des ‘petits hommes [qui n’ont] aucune confiance dans leur pensée mais qui ont toute confiance en celle des grands, qui se disent au-dessus d’eux (car ils prennent le risque d’une parole neuve), comment ne seraient-ils pas séduits par un message qui leur donne tout, alors qu’ils ont le sentiment de ne rien posséder et de n’être rien. Mais un tel discours pourrait ne pas suffire. Il est nécessaire que ceux qui le reçoivent sachent qu’ils font partie des sauvés, des élus, donc de ceux qui peuvent reprendre un tel discours et s’en faire des missionnaires. Ils ont besoin de goûter eux aussi aux joies de la paranoïa, de relayer le propos, de se sentir revêtus d’une mission particulière, de pouvoir initier les nouveaux, de se voir confier la traque du mal. Tous paranoïaques ! Quel plaisir ! Les purs, les parfaits sont d’un côté, le mal de l’autre. Chacun a retrouvé son innocence originelle ». 
(EN)Within the frame of the ideology, the adhesion can correspond to a reaction to the wear and credibility loss of the social, political and religious systems. From disenchantment to revolt, citizens negatively react to the inflow of information that they receive without analysis and even less action capabilities. Hence the fascination which will be on for whatever is presented as radically alternative – If fascination is missing, you can still rely on curiosity. On top of this, you’ve got seduction from consistency of reductive speeches and apparent harmony of universal thesis. Eugène Enriquez makes the content of speech more accurate: «The message claims the guilt of the everyday life world, the necessity of redemption and the generation of the new through from the sole word of the master. At the same time, the guru formulates the foreclosure of death (individuals will have an immortal soul and will be saved), the mandatory feature of the dual relationship between the master and its disciples (this excludes any third party, who only can bring guarantee against the indistinctness and against the loving or hypnotic fusion) and the implementation of a fantasy world where everything is permitted and where time is abolished. Is there any other beautiful message to convey to those who fear the rule of a critical, skeptical and idol destroying rational mind? These men, who are nostalgic of the father (Freud), who were used to a heaven “at hand”, these men, who are feeling themselves as ‘small men who have no confidence in their own thoughts’, trust though the ones of the great. These men, who think themselves as above themselves (because they take the risk of a new word), how can they be not seduced by a message that gives them all, whereas they have the feeling to possess and be nothing. However such speech might not be sufficient. It is necessary, for those who receive it, to know that they will be part of the saved ones, of the chosen ones who can embody the message and make a missionary work out of it. They need, themselves also, to enjoy the taste of paranoia and to spread the speech. Thus they feel themselves chosen for a particular mission. They are able to initiate the newbie and are given responsibility to fight evil. Everyone paranoid! What a pleasure! The pure and the perfect are on one side, evil is on the other side! Everyone has won back his original innocence.    

Let’s notice with amusement that the citizen is taken for a mug at the beginning of the extract. We recognize the usual exercise of style the aim of which is not to solve the issue but to show the author’s superiority in logorrhea. This gives him a special seat in the dominance hierarchy of talking heads. The author is having fun but the families of sect adepts hardly see any solution to their problems. Words of psychoanalysts stand against words of the gurus. Are there too many words here? Let’s get back to the post topic. When society tries to figure out what’s going on in sects, it comes up with the mental manipulation techniques. I would be tempted to fully antagonize this approach. I would not give in to this temptation because I see with interest how dominance is interpreted by society. The notion of interpretation is of paramount significance. We’ll get back to that in next posts and surely this “techniques” post will have future echo. Let’s try to compare both concepts: Dominance or mental manipulation? First of all, let’s note that the (dominant) manic bipolar is widely known as a suspect in the art of manipulation. No specific “techniques” are recognized during his/her manic state however the maniac is quite efficient in the art of persuasion. All you need to do is read books written by bipolar to get convinced.

Source : Un fou dans l’art, Jean Albou
(FR) J’étais l’homme le plus persuasif du monde, capable de convaincre n’importe qui de ma bonne foi. Dans ma bouche, les mensonges les plus éhontés devenaient des vérités. J’avais l’art d’enjoliver les choses et de transformer le quotidien le plus banal en une réalité extraordinaire../.. En phase maniaque je choisissais mes arguments et mes affirmations en fonction de mes interlocuteurs. Mon discours s’adaptait à leur crédulité variable. Lorsqu’il s’agit de convaincre le maniaco-dépressif est absolument démoniaque. Ses tactiques adaptées à chacun sont le plus souvent imparable.
(EN) I was the most persuasive man on earth. I was able to convince anyone of my good faith. In my mouth, the most obvious lies became truth. I was gifted in putting a gloss on the facts and turn the day-to-day life into an extraordinary reality…/… During my manic states, I chose my arguments and my assertions in accordance to my interlocutor. My speech was adjusted to their variable credulity. When it comes to persuading people, bipolars are absolutely daemon. Their tailored made tactics are built for each and every one. They cannot be counteracted most of the time.

Source : J’ai dû chevaucher la tempête, Yann Layma
(FR) J’avais ce jour-là un incroyable pouvoir de persuasion, une confiance en moi communicative et une obstination totale, tous traits de caractère très fréquents chez les bipolaires en phase haute. Ce sont eux qui avaient fini par céder, au bout de neuf heures de discussions.
(EN) This day, I had this incredible power of persuasion, a communicative self-confidence and a total obstinacy, all these traits being very frequent in bipolar manic phase. They had to give in after a nine hours discussion.

Jean Albou and Yann Layma are not aware that words don’t impress anyone. All in all they’re just sounds or inert succession of frequencies. However if you consider dominance in the picture, you can understand that it gives them this extra affective edge necessary in the process of putting lipstick on a pig (so to speak). The honest signal of dominance is the underlying driver that have persuaded (rather than convinced) their interlocutors. The hypersyntonia (or acute attunement between the dominant and the submissive) and the richness of ideas (or moderately racing thoughts) blend themselves together to subjugate the dominance compass of the victim. Words are not so important but they are indispensable. The arrows are useless without the bow. Likewise, dominance is nothing without the dominance vectors. What are the dominance vectors? The brain, the body, the thought, the language… They’re all logical creation of the dominance and this process begun a long time ago with the first neuron cell (here).

The explanatory power of dominance as defined it in this blog applies fully to sects for it is built on a simple idea that has demonstrated its efficacy in the animal world: honest dominance signaling is sent and subjugate or dominate the adepts. This is a natural process and, on the one hand, everyone is able to understand that. On the other hand, the mental manipulation techniques must be complex and can be only understood by a small group of people endowed with a psychology background. If we were to use the occam’s razor to compare dominance and mental manipulation technique (MMT), we would agree that dominance would prevail over MMT because an animal behavior is more accessible than a treatise of psychology. Moreover, there is a major difference which lies in the manipulation conveying channel. Dominance will be conveyed unconsciously whereas MMT cannot be ignored at least partially by the conscience of the victim. Let’s insist on that revolutionary point: For human being dominance is an unconscious phenomenon. I steal the idea from the psychoanalyst but I don’t elaborate: The subconscious exists and it has an evolutionary purpose. That’s no wonder that Nature act this way, natural selection must not be under too much control of the protagonists because, otherwise, this would end up in an evolutionary dead end: any males could get access to reproduction.

Everyone thinks dominance is based o strength, violence or fear. The dominance I’m struggling to explain from the beginning of this blog is based on happiness and its honest signal which remains to be discovered. It is either blinding or very subtle. We’ll get back to that in the next posts in order to try to locate it precisely. For me it can only be subtle in so far our unconscious is only the capable of spotting it, assessing it and spread the message across all layers of the brain: “Be submissive, the dominant will bring you happiness and security, he’s got all answers to all questions, he’s the condition of your well-being.

The MMTs that the gurus would apply to their adepts would have a reduced scope. It could only be verbal abuse and all attempts of fear induced manipulation, violence, free move reduction, drugs would be immediately punished by society. For me, I don’t see someone like Le Dihn learn these psychological MMTs. The guy is not sophisticated enough for that. On the contrary I could understand that someone like Hubbard, who have competent brain washer around him, could have found power relays which the likes can be found right in front of your TV screens. These brain washing techniques exist and I will have to analyse them in order to see if they can bring something to my dominance theory.

Some MMTs are listed out by the French Wikipedia. They are built on confinement, violence, drugs (which is violence against the body) or fear. One must understand that the law is the emanation of the state. Civilized Societies craves for one thing: to get rid of the gurus. So the law will ultimately punish the sects for confinement and violence. As to the fear, one day or the other the adepts will flee. The delay would reveal the level of dominance at stake here. Dominance is centripetal, fleeing is centrifugal.

So law-abiding gurus would apply MMTs strictly limited to psychological indoctrination. Ok, let’s admit that these techniques exist and are efficient. You may think that these would then be a miracle. Totalitarians states have a lot of resources (knowledge, money…), a lot more than Le Dihn! They have always dreamed of a population of submissive “adepts”. This dream has never stand the test of time. Fascism is not natural to human being. The former GDR built walls, created army of soldiers and cops to confine its own people in fear and unhappiness. If these techniques would have any efficiency, they would have been adopted massively to avoid such human costs. Even if the gurus always try to structure its sect with some fear, it has nothing to do with the scale of the inner terrorism of the totalitarian state. Generating fear has a material and human cost. Again on, the long run, relying on fear does not stand the test of time especially in democratic states where individuals are protected by the rule of law. So if you accept the fact that there are adepts, they must be something else for the adepts always state their free will whereas they seem completely has lost their common sense.

Being a guru is nice perspective. Unrestricted access to sex and resources should be appealing to a large population. The job would consist in fabricating unverifiable (Little grey men, sent from Jesus, etc…) rhetoric and adopting the MMTs as sect management tool. The question why aren’t they more sects and gurus in the known world? The answer is simple. MMTs maybe exist but they are not separable from the one who is supposed to apply them. Society does not want to acknowledge the extraordinary personality of the guru. By invoking techniques, society separates the driver from the person. That saves the appearances of equality but you’re bound to run into misinterpretation of what is really lying behind the scene. Gurus are exceptional people, whether you want or not. Exceptional or extraordinary does not mean good or evil, true of wrong. It just tells you that they are abnormally dominant.

The last argument that I can oppose to MMTs lies in the fact that MMTs are recent concept whereas sects are as old as humankind. All in all, MMTs can be analyzed as attempt to describe what has always existed. A description is not a technique. For me, they work for a small number of people who may or may not apply them. But in the end it is the small number of individual which is significant. In a group of social animal, dominants count is smaller than submissive. That should ring a bell. If you don’t believe, read some MMTs create your sect and we’ll see….

In conclusion, there are people who understand what I want to say. But their words are still superficial because they can’t experience things as a bipolar does.

Source : Wikipédia
(FR)Selon Stéphane Laurens, maître de conférences, « L’influence interindividuelle ou l’influence sociale fascine et effraye. (…) les terribles faits divers qui lui sont attribués (Suicides collectifs, crimes rituels…) ainsi que de troublantes études scientifiques (Travaux sur l’hypnose, études expérimentales sur le conformisme ou soumission à l’autorité…) nous affirment l’existence d’une force quasiment irrésistible et qui pourrait nous pousser à faire ou à penser des choses que nous ne voudrions pas, une force qui pourrait même nous conduire à notre perte.

(EN) According to senior lecturer Stéphane Laurens, « interpersonal influence or social influences fascinate and scare (…).Terrible crimes are ascribed to them (collective suicides, ritual crimes …). Scientific studies (Hypnosis, experimental studies on conformism or submission to authority) also deals with this issue. Both teach us the existence of an irresistible force that could push us to do or think things we would not want, a force which could lead us to our own demise.

Téléphone / la bombe humaine
Je veux vous parler de l’arme de demain
Enfantée du monde elle en sera la fin
Je veux vous parler de moi … de vous
Je vois à l’intérieur des images, des couleurs
Qui ne sont pas à moi qui parfois me font peur
Sensations … qui peuvent me rendre fou
Nos sens sont nos fils nous pauvres marionnettes
Nos sens sont le chemin qui mène droit à nos têtes
La bombe humaine tu la tiens dans ta main
Tu as l’détonateur juste à côté du cœur
La bombe humaine, c’est toi elle t’appartient
Si tu laisses quelqu’un prendre en main ton destin
C’est la fin, la fin.

Téléphone / The human bomb
I want to talk about the future weapon
Spawn by the world, it will be its end
I want to talk about me… and you
From within, I see images and colors,
They are not mine, they scare me sometime
Sensations, that can drive you crazy
Our senses are our strings, we poor puppet
Our senses are the path which lead straight to our heads
The human bomb, you hold it in your hand
You’ve got the detonator right next to your heart
The human bomb, it’s you, it belongs to you
If you let someone lead your destiny
It’s the end, the end.

2.2.4 Sects

In the previous three posts I have tried to show three gurus. They represent three distinct steps in a sect evolution. The pdoc guru ignoring his own power doesn’t aggregate a community yet. Tang is a further step ahead. He has built a community where he can tap sexual and material resources. Ron Hubbard is the ultimate sect step before religion. His community goes international and he wants to create his own kingdom. All these gurus share a lot of symptoms with the manic bipolar: strange rhetoric, society’s rejection (should it right or wrong does not matter here, let’s focus on facts), intense sexuality or hypersexuality, persuasion power, influence on the others. Only one conclusion can be drawn: sect and bipolar disorder are two related side of the same dominance topic that I’ve addressed in this blog. The guru resembles the maniac. There are differences though. The manic is not adapted to the environment whilst the guru enjoys a good life using all the resources provided by its followers in spite of the rejection from society. Society has its revenge because the guru is almost always subject to sexual misdemeanor complaints. One day or the other, the guru will face justice for these offenses especially if his sect is not part of the official religion picture of the country. Difference between maniac and gurus can be explained by a set of assumptions. The dominance of maniacs is higher than the one of the gurus, the mood of which is still high compare to the rest of the population. This above average dominance gives them a competitive advantage. Guru’s dominance can be the same as maniac, but in this case, they are protected by a set of good genes and memes. I must lay the emphasis that high dominance means intense honest signaling. The last possibility may lie in the honest signal system which gives an unfair result due to genetic reason. That’s the most likely explanation from my perspective. One of the things I’d like to do is to interview a guru, just to check how it would feel or if it would feel something at all. Don’t forget that we’re talking about subconscious phenomena here.

The nature of their rhetorical speech is not what matters. We’re all convinced that words are power whereas in fact they’re just vector of dominance. What matters is the level of dominance. Words are secondary. This contradicts the natural arrogance of humans that condition you to believe that the Verb, the Logos or the logorrhea is the structuring link underlying human social networks. I often visit a friend in Switzerland. He’s an employee of one of the biggest company in the world, the headcount of which is measured by hundreds of thousands. He was telling me about a meeting the salient fact of which was the participation of the CEO. That made it a quite exceptional Q&A session. My friend was extremely impressed by the answers of the big boss. He tried to share his sentiment with me but he did not succeed. I was completely insensitive to the subtlety of the speech and told myself: “What kind of car dealer bullshit is that?”. My friend is very clever but in some kind of sense, he was victimized by dominance. Charisma and eloquence stem from dominance. Repeat the same words of a charismatic individual and you won’t obtain the same results. Why is that? What is the additional thing that turns words into charisma? Isn’t it a valid question? My answer is dominance and its honest signal. You’ve got to be careful about dominance because the content of the speech tend to disappear behind the level of dominance of the charismatic leader sitting on top of the dominance structure. Talk is cheap, dominance is all. When are we going to study the bow instead of the arrows?

The arrows of the sects are an insult to any rational brain. Once again, this is not what matters. The only prerequisite is that the guru’s theories should be unverifiable. This way he can use his persuasion skill and nobody can contradict him. We’re not on dialectical level where argument can be exchanged and truth pursued. We are on an animal level where submission is the primary goal of the dominant. I have indicated that the dominance level is difficult to assess. However, there is one criterion that can be used. Consider the zeitgeist and the guru’s theories, if the deviance of the sect is high compared to the zeitgeist then the dominance is high because significant persuasion (intense honest signal) is needed to counteract reality and subjugate the follower. Gurus and Sects are a distraction of Mother Nature. Through Dominance, she turns anybody into a guinea-pig or guru-pig in order to check if some fun can be obtained from new memes and genes. The gurus are like a match. When they are lit, the zeitgeist wind usually blows out the flame because it is too weak to propagate. Sometimes though, the zeitgeist can fan the fire.

In my train of thoughts, I wanted to demonstrate that dominance creates ties between individuals. This link is salient in extreme case like sects. The guru is a source of happiness for his followers. The dominance structure is curved by the social gravitation of the guru. You could find this pitiful however the moral speeches will not solve the issue. The problem must be thought within an ethological framework in order to find effective solution. The specialists who study and monitor sects agree that it is ineffective to withdraw a follower from a sect. He will try to go back whatever the price. It is completely counterproductive to try to convince any followers that the sect rhetoric is void. You will sharpen their belief because society “out-group” is perceived as evil. What is at stake here is dominance not words. What is the solution then? Maybe dominance of normal society member can counterbalance the guru dominance. That’s speculation but not as absurd as you may think. We could extend the concept. Could it be that depressive people could be cured by less depressed people? That is something we will discuss later on.

Happiness is indeed the pillar of the dominance structure. Dominance has intensity or a modulation because the honest signal is variable. At normal level, it surreptitiously creates complex networks that structure human sexuality and reproduction. If you thought that natural selection was over with the advent of culture and technology, you are completely wrong. Mother Nature acts subconsciously in the background. The control of fecundity does not interfere in the game much since women are provided with an additional selective power. She will play with males with the effective selective contraceptive pills. Natural selection will get tougher. Only the happiest will enjoy reproductive success. From a theoretical perspective, I needed to ascertain the assertion that the dominant guru is the happiness provider of his community. The bitterest enemy of the sects in France is a government organization called “Milivude”. It publishes a report every year. This is mostly Freudian bullshit that is not aimed at solving the problem but to feed a bunch of unelected fat cats or technocrats. But even Freudians can recognize happiness when they sees it.

Source: Milivude report 2006
The young followers who recently joined the sect enjoy a period of happiness. He or she feels better, psychologically and physically. [After Freudian blah blah….]

I only translated the first part of the paragraph. The rest is made of this amusing Freudian logorrhea which hides its ignorance of the very facts of soul behind a symbolic smokescreen. I’m bipolar and I have never seen a publication recognizing the beneficial effect of an analysis. Evolutionary psychology, psychiatry and neurology will, I hope, put an end to the nuisance power of Freudian ideas over therapeutic approaches of mental illness. According to a Freudians, if you don’t want to be cured it is because you benefit from the symptoms (!). Jean Albou has largely documented the inefficiency and danger of Freudian therapy in his book “un fou dans l’art”. It is funny to note that Freudian uses bizarre, heavily sex flavored speech (Anal stage, phallic stage, oedipal blah blah). Are Freudians a sect then? In any case, Sigmund was bipolar and you actually pay for nothing. Remember Tang? In France we fight sects with… another sect.

I need to add a last remark which has a theoretical significance: The guru distributes happiness. This is tantamount to say that he distributes dominance. Homo sapiens is the only animal that shares or distributes his dominance. This may be the key to understand his uniqueness in the animal reign. The dominance structure is based on happiness. That is a fact we have demonstrated. But we know that happiness is the internal indicator of dominance. So the dominance structure depends…on dominance. This is consistent with the observations: social animal evolves in dominance hierarchy where they interact and compete. Dominance is key in both socializing and competing.

Evanescence / Everybody’s Fool
Perfect by nature, icons of self-indulgence
just what we all need
more lies about a world that
never was and never will be
have you no shame? Don’t you see me?
you know you’ve got everybody fooled
look here she comes now
bow down and stare in wonder
oh how we love you
no flaws when you’re pretending
but now i know she never was and never will be
you don’t know how you’ve betrayed me
and somehow you’ve got everybody fooled
without the mask where will you hide? can’t find yourself lost in your lie
I know the truth now,  i know who you are
and I don’t love you anymore
it never was and never will be
you don’t know how you’ve betrayed me
and somehow you’ve got everybody fooled
it never was and never will be
you’re not real and you can’t save me
somehow now you’re everybody’s fool