1.7.1 Overview


Conclusions are always difficult to draw. I’ll take the easy option and summarize the ideas of the previous posts. A theory is always partly related to you and your experience of life. Its starting point is my illness and its dreaded ups: 3 manic episodes have left an indelible print in my existence. The first two ended up in hospital and the third enabled me to understand what was happening to me (Episode I, Episode II, Episode III). I want to underline that episode III was medicated. This is doubtless the reason why I overcame the ordeal and could lead an almost normal life during its 6 months duration. I was feeling the same symptoms as the first two episodes. I’ll always be thankful to my pdoc for having prescribed lithium to me.

The first two episodes were absolutely beyond reach of any understanding. The only thing that I figured out at the end of the second episode was my change of status from normal to mentally ill. That was it. Some strange things had happened but they were real. Others could only be classified under the item “delusions”. You need to separate what are delusions from what is interesting. That’s a prerequisite to move on. My third episode was specific in the sense that I was not diagnosed maniac and I was subsequently not locked up in a psychiatric hospital. I was a functioning maniac on the loose. The inner part of me was completely berserk but the one necessary for social survival was still up and running. This enabled me to understand what was going on. Since I didn’t do anything foolish, I could observe the reactions of others toward an asymptomatic maniac. The strangest thing was the new female eyes looking at me. There were others changes of behaviors from male, but the most astounding one was the new interest of woman in me in spite of the absence of change in my behavior or in my external appearance.

You may start to laugh, but it was something real. People were seeing me as a manager and corresponding jobs were proposed to me. That sounded a little funny because I’m more of an expert than a manager. But again, the basic thing was the change of female behaviors toward me. It is not an area where I’m usually gifted. There have been some relationships. I did not know why it worked this time and not the others. It was not because of me because I’m not the one who does the first steps. So I was chosen but I did not choose. So I rejected. Thus my sentimental life looks like a field of ruins.

Before 2006, I hadn’t paid too much attention to my mood fluctuations. I’m convinced now that there has been a link between these fluctuations and my Casanova capability. Of course, manic peaks are not the unique mood level. A massive up was not necessary to trigger the phenomenon. It seems that there was a mood elevation compatible with normal life with women. Other lesser level seemed to be a major impairment which prevented me from social interactions. During my second episode, I distinctly heard people inviting me to go to parties. That was a total change compare to my usual zombie life. My presence was suddenly wanted whereas it was usually rejected. This is strange but for me it was a little disturbing. I’m a constant loner. If something changes, I cannot be the culprit. I discovered later on the reasons of this change. It was some kind of a non-religious original sin. A very stupid thing. It’s personal and can’t apply to everybody. We’ll discuss that later.

The keyword that came to my mind to explain these fluctuations was dominance. It was crystal clear. Male/female relationships are governed by the rules of dominance hierarchy in social animals. Why on earth would not this apply to humankind? I don’t want to downplay human achievement here. Indeed, dominance expresses itself in a different way in humans but I believe that the dominant/submissiveness framework still applies. I started to read all materials related to dominance and tried to learn as much as possible about evolutionary psychology, human ethology and Darwinism. I discovered some publications that clearly link bipolar disorder with dominance. Then, I demonstrated that manic symptoms could be interpreted, irrespective of the environment, as an increase in the selective value of the subject (Hypersexuality, Struggle for Life, Social Animal). Intuitively, I’ve considered that an increase in fitness signals an increase in dominance.

Of course, it may seem counter-intuitive to portray the maniac as dominant. After all, mentally ill are rejected from society and it is difficult to get access to reproduction in a mental hospital. This rejection is not immediate though. When you are manic, you’re not automatically and immediately sent to hospital. There is a period where you can act in society as a maniac. You’re not recognized as crazy immediately. As a manic, I can walk on the street, eat, and carry out complex tasks. You’re eventually sent to the hospital not because you act in funny ways but because you are a danger to yourself or society. There is small difference here. Jean Albou in his book “un fou dans l’art/madness in Art”) depicts a situation where he is manic but not recognized as crazy. He continues to evolve in society until a financial collapse due to his manic prodigality. Bipolar madness is not a total incapacity to fit for reality. From the others perspective, it is not unintelligible or inconsistent. You can talk to a manic, he will respond. That is, if peaks that trigger delusions or delirium are not reached. What is important to understand is that maniac can evolve in society for a short period of time without being recognized as immediately crazy. You need pdoc to diagnose.

The bipolar disorder cannot be understood without an underlying parameter which expresses itself during hyperthymic excesses and depressed paralysis. This internal parameter impacts all brain and body functions. Necessarily, dominance refers to this parameter however it is not described as such such in the ethological state of the art. Here, dominance is described externally as relationship vis-à-vis the environment, not as an internal parameter that enables external dominance. Pure or internal dominance is a pre-condition for external ethological dominance. Internal dominance is a neurologic volume knob that regulates the expression of body and brain. It catalyzes the self during the ups and it inhibits it during the downs. This simple thought will be one day considered by psychiatrist, that is, if they talk to ethologist.

By comparing internal dominance and selective value (which closely relate to external dominance), I have established the autonomy of these two concepts. From a certain threshold, internal dominance goes on increasing whilst selective value plummets due to the lack of adaptation of the maniac to reality (delusions, inappropriate social behaviors….). I’ve attempted to show how the erratic dominance volume knob affects critical psychological functions which create new states of mind leading to madness (Racing thoughts, Self-esteem, Almightiness).

Eventually, I’ve asserted a new ethological perspective on happiness and its related honest signal. Happiness is the internal psychological signal that guides you. It shows you the way to achieve a meaning of life sentiment. The honest signal is the external indicator that enables rank classification in the happiness based dominance structure. Both happiness and its honest signal constitute the human specific selection system. In animals, the selection system is based upon intraspecific violence which can be more or less ritualized (intimidation). We can wonder if the human natural selection system is the ultimate ritualization of violence and the most advanced one in terms of species survival (no wound, no killing…). It seems that violence was maybe less frequent in old Pleistocene tribes compare to other homo. The dominance structure is as an alternative hierarchy which provides more information to female than the outcome of a violent fight. It has been already described by scientists but they are not aware of the far-reaching implication of their work. They have discovered a gold nugget but they don’t seem to understand the price of gold.

What is the most striking when the mood is up, is the change in others’ behavior. This is so impressing that it was for me the decisive exogenous factor that leads to madness. If you are not bipolar (nobody’s perfect), you cannot experiment this change of behavior because your dominance fluctuates within a very short range and very slowly. I can compare this to physics. Sane people live on earth and then the Newtonian laws apply because speed is not very high. Everything’s normal, apple fall from apple tree, you can drive on the highway and time seems to be an everlasting flow from past to future. However if you reach light speed you are going to live in a strange world where relativist effect are going to occur. Strange thing like the twin paradox will make you think that time has become a really special dimension. That’s exactly the way you should think bipolar disorder.

So that is it for the theory I tried to elaborate on in this blog. All hyperlinks point at the relevant posts. I strongly recommend that you read all posts following the numbering order. You can navigate using the categories located on the left pane. If you read one single article, you won’t understand because the reasoning is very linear. I try to add concept in a progressive way. Don’t hesitate to leave remarks. I know, my English is terrible.

The beatles / Let it be
And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Yeah there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

2.2.4 Sects

In the previous three posts I have tried to show three gurus. They represent three distinct steps in a sect evolution. The pdoc guru ignoring his own power doesn’t aggregate a community yet. Tang is a further step ahead. He has built a community where he can tap sexual and material resources. Ron Hubbard is the ultimate sect step before religion. His community goes international and he wants to create his own kingdom. All these gurus share a lot of symptoms with the manic bipolar: strange rhetoric, society’s rejection (should it right or wrong does not matter here, let’s focus on facts), intense sexuality or hypersexuality, persuasion power, influence on the others. Only one conclusion can be drawn: sect and bipolar disorder are two related side of the same dominance topic that I’ve addressed in this blog. The guru resembles the maniac. There are differences though. The manic is not adapted to the environment whilst the guru enjoys a good life using all the resources provided by its followers in spite of the rejection from society. Society has its revenge because the guru is almost always subject to sexual misdemeanor complaints. One day or the other, the guru will face justice for these offenses especially if his sect is not part of the official religion picture of the country. Difference between maniac and gurus can be explained by a set of assumptions. The dominance of maniacs is higher than the one of the gurus, the mood of which is still high compare to the rest of the population. This above average dominance gives them a competitive advantage. Guru’s dominance can be the same as maniac, but in this case, they are protected by a set of good genes and memes. I must lay the emphasis that high dominance means intense honest signaling. The last possibility may lie in the honest signal system which gives an unfair result due to genetic reason. That’s the most likely explanation from my perspective. One of the things I’d like to do is to interview a guru, just to check how it would feel or if it would feel something at all. Don’t forget that we’re talking about subconscious phenomena here.

The nature of their rhetorical speech is not what matters. We’re all convinced that words are power whereas in fact they’re just vector of dominance. What matters is the level of dominance. Words are secondary. This contradicts the natural arrogance of humans that condition you to believe that the Verb, the Logos or the logorrhea is the structuring link underlying human social networks. I often visit a friend in Switzerland. He’s an employee of one of the biggest company in the world, the headcount of which is measured by hundreds of thousands. He was telling me about a meeting the salient fact of which was the participation of the CEO. That made it a quite exceptional Q&A session. My friend was extremely impressed by the answers of the big boss. He tried to share his sentiment with me but he did not succeed. I was completely insensitive to the subtlety of the speech and told myself: “What kind of car dealer bullshit is that?”. My friend is very clever but in some kind of sense, he was victimized by dominance. Charisma and eloquence stem from dominance. Repeat the same words of a charismatic individual and you won’t obtain the same results. Why is that? What is the additional thing that turns words into charisma? Isn’t it a valid question? My answer is dominance and its honest signal. You’ve got to be careful about dominance because the content of the speech tend to disappear behind the level of dominance of the charismatic leader sitting on top of the dominance structure. Talk is cheap, dominance is all. When are we going to study the bow instead of the arrows?

The arrows of the sects are an insult to any rational brain. Once again, this is not what matters. The only prerequisite is that the guru’s theories should be unverifiable. This way he can use his persuasion skill and nobody can contradict him. We’re not on dialectical level where argument can be exchanged and truth pursued. We are on an animal level where submission is the primary goal of the dominant. I have indicated that the dominance level is difficult to assess. However, there is one criterion that can be used. Consider the zeitgeist and the guru’s theories, if the deviance of the sect is high compared to the zeitgeist then the dominance is high because significant persuasion (intense honest signal) is needed to counteract reality and subjugate the follower. Gurus and Sects are a distraction of Mother Nature. Through Dominance, she turns anybody into a guinea-pig or guru-pig in order to check if some fun can be obtained from new memes and genes. The gurus are like a match. When they are lit, the zeitgeist wind usually blows out the flame because it is too weak to propagate. Sometimes though, the zeitgeist can fan the fire.

In my train of thoughts, I wanted to demonstrate that dominance creates ties between individuals. This link is salient in extreme case like sects. The guru is a source of happiness for his followers. The dominance structure is curved by the social gravitation of the guru. You could find this pitiful however the moral speeches will not solve the issue. The problem must be thought within an ethological framework in order to find effective solution. The specialists who study and monitor sects agree that it is ineffective to withdraw a follower from a sect. He will try to go back whatever the price. It is completely counterproductive to try to convince any followers that the sect rhetoric is void. You will sharpen their belief because society “out-group” is perceived as evil. What is at stake here is dominance not words. What is the solution then? Maybe dominance of normal society member can counterbalance the guru dominance. That’s speculation but not as absurd as you may think. We could extend the concept. Could it be that depressive people could be cured by less depressed people? That is something we will discuss later on.

Happiness is indeed the pillar of the dominance structure. Dominance has intensity or a modulation because the honest signal is variable. At normal level, it surreptitiously creates complex networks that structure human sexuality and reproduction. If you thought that natural selection was over with the advent of culture and technology, you are completely wrong. Mother Nature acts subconsciously in the background. The control of fecundity does not interfere in the game much since women are provided with an additional selective power. She will play with males with the effective selective contraceptive pills. Natural selection will get tougher. Only the happiest will enjoy reproductive success. From a theoretical perspective, I needed to ascertain the assertion that the dominant guru is the happiness provider of his community. The bitterest enemy of the sects in France is a government organization called “Milivude”. It publishes a report every year. This is mostly Freudian bullshit that is not aimed at solving the problem but to feed a bunch of unelected fat cats or technocrats. But even Freudians can recognize happiness when they sees it.

Source: Milivude report 2006
The young followers who recently joined the sect enjoy a period of happiness. He or she feels better, psychologically and physically. [After Freudian blah blah….]

I only translated the first part of the paragraph. The rest is made of this amusing Freudian logorrhea which hides its ignorance of the very facts of soul behind a symbolic smokescreen. I’m bipolar and I have never seen a publication recognizing the beneficial effect of an analysis. Evolutionary psychology, psychiatry and neurology will, I hope, put an end to the nuisance power of Freudian ideas over therapeutic approaches of mental illness. According to a Freudians, if you don’t want to be cured it is because you benefit from the symptoms (!). Jean Albou has largely documented the inefficiency and danger of Freudian therapy in his book “un fou dans l’art”. It is funny to note that Freudian uses bizarre, heavily sex flavored speech (Anal stage, phallic stage, oedipal blah blah). Are Freudians a sect then? In any case, Sigmund was bipolar and you actually pay for nothing. Remember Tang? In France we fight sects with… another sect.

I need to add a last remark which has a theoretical significance: The guru distributes happiness. This is tantamount to say that he distributes dominance. Homo sapiens is the only animal that shares or distributes his dominance. This may be the key to understand his uniqueness in the animal reign. The dominance structure is based on happiness. That is a fact we have demonstrated. But we know that happiness is the internal indicator of dominance. So the dominance structure depends…on dominance. This is consistent with the observations: social animal evolves in dominance hierarchy where they interact and compete. Dominance is key in both socializing and competing.

Evanescence / Everybody’s Fool
Perfect by nature, icons of self-indulgence
just what we all need
more lies about a world that
never was and never will be
have you no shame? Don’t you see me?
you know you’ve got everybody fooled
look here she comes now
bow down and stare in wonder
oh how we love you
no flaws when you’re pretending
but now i know she never was and never will be
you don’t know how you’ve betrayed me
and somehow you’ve got everybody fooled
without the mask where will you hide? can’t find yourself lost in your lie
I know the truth now,  i know who you are
and I don’t love you anymore
it never was and never will be
you don’t know how you’ve betrayed me
and somehow you’ve got everybody fooled
it never was and never will be
you’re not real and you can’t save me
somehow now you’re everybody’s fool

2.2.3 Bullshit inc.

Maybe you are a little bit puzzled by the previous posts. Could it be possible that I praised murky people? The question is legitimate from a morale perspective. However, at the moment, I will keep away from this kind of discussion in order to focus on the scientific topic at hand. I’m here to observe from an amoral viewpoint. If you add morals to the reality you may end up building a wall that conceals it. And what I’m trying to demonstrate is not easy to spot. Dominance can only be grasped through elimination. Does Tang look like Georges Clooney? No. Is he at the top of a dominance hierarchy where explicit attributes are needed? No. Has Tang power? Not in the usual sense. Is he gifted in rhetorical speech? Well, you don’t need a PhD to perform a Christ and Sex based snow job. But whatever way you look at it, you can’t help thinking that Tang is a dominant from an ethological standpoint. Of course, and here morals can come back, he does not deserve his dominance from a social point of view. His dominance is biological. Therefore society does not hesitate to punish him. To me, I don’t need to condemn him, that’s not my job. What I’m interesting in is that he involuntarily reveals the dominance structure by leaving a trail of subjugated followers.

Indeed, a community was created around an invisible dominance source. Both the followers and the guru psychologically benefited from this situation which confirms once again the happiness theory which drives the construction of social networks. The dominance signature rest on two pillars: sex and money. From an ethological perspective you can translate that by a preferential access to resources and reproduction. Fact is we have both in Tang’s sect. So there must be dominance, somewhere. If there is dominance then we should wonder what attribute makes Tang beat the random odds in fights. There is neither fight nor attribute. So the only explanation left is the presence of an unconscious honest signal. In some animals, an invisible and odorless pheromone is an indicator of the rank in the dominance hierarchy. It is not absurd to extrapolate this signal to humans and make it the structuring magnet of the dominance structure. Of course, I’m not talking about pheromone here because it would have been discovered way earlier. This can only be something subtle. In normodominance, it is impossible for the conscious brain to spot the signal amidst the explicit attributes (Intelligence, beauty, strength…). This is normal in the sense that normodominance is where the competition game occurs. How Mother Nature is going to decide if there is a competitive gain in humans? Elation or happiness will be signal that the individual is well adapted to the environment. The honest signal carries the information to the female who suddenly does not need a protracted courtship. She will take the initiative.

Carly Rae Jepsen / Call me maybe
Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
but here’s my number
so call me, maybe?
And all the other boys,
try to chase me,
but here’s my number,
so call me, maybe?

The dominant of the dominance structure has an effect way before we consciously think or behave. The limbic system behind our conscious neocortex is going to receive the dominance signal and the following message will propagate to all part of the brain “Stay next to him, he will protect you, he will provide counseling and he will make you happy”. During Pleistocene, humans survived in tribes where cohesion was a competitive advantage. The dominant had a regulative function. That’s the reason why I consider Tang as the dominant of a primitive tribe. The dominant was not always the stronger. This skew may have favored the advent of civilization where happy-dominance prevailed on violence-dominance. Obviously violence did not disappear. Happy-dominance regulates the individuals within the tribes and violence-dominance is used outside the group to get whatever resources. Let’s go back to the main subject. It may sound a little strange to connect dominance and sects. All I want to show is that dominance the way I experienced it and the guru grips on its followers are two identical phenomena. Mania is eruptive but guru’s dominance acts in the background through a hidden mechanism. Maybe manic patients undergo the full dominance fire whereas the gurus have an underserved high honest signal for genetic reason. Mother Nature is unfair. Her unfairness is revealing though.

The third case study should convince you of the identity relationship between the sectarian abnormality and bipolar madness. We have precisely an all-in-one specimen the destiny of which can only be fabricated by dominance. We’re going to cast an eye over a powerful sect and our lucky eyes will be those of a woman who had an affair with the guru. The sect powerfulness can impair our analysis in the sense that the structured group prevents the observation of the happiness dominance. A structured group looks like a local dominance hierarchy hiding the dominance structure. However, here, only the guru personality is of importance for our purposes. Scientology is a sect which can be compared to a cancer developing international metastasis. It doesn’t rest on the usual mystical rhetoric. It rather attempts to cash in on self-development method which is vaguely related to science and psychology. If you believe in engrams, this may mean that your bank account is in serious trouble. The big commander-in-chief of this fraud is Ron Hubbard. Hubbard’s swindler skills could only be denounced by his own son. If you want to cheat on people, you need persuasion. Dominance is never far from this kind of skills. Let’s observe Ron Hubbard through the eyes of Barbara, his beautiful assistant. These testimonies attracted my attention, guess why.

Well, I’ve always found that it’s the mind of a man that is most sexy. He (Ron Hubbard) was not really terribly physically attractive. And he had a brilliant mind, no question about that. I surely thought this was a man who is interested in marrying me, and who I might be interested in marrying.

He was certainly very depressed, He had lost the color in his face. His voice was hardly audible. He told me that he was totally blocked, he was working under a publisher’s deadline that he was failing to meet. He believed that his inability to write was due to the sinister interventions of other people, such as Sara hypnotizing him in his sleep and telling him that he would never write again. I found him paranoid, you know. He was clearly going through a clinical depression.

He sent me a wire telling me that he had been very ill and saying that he wanted to marry me. I went to Wichita. He looked terrible. He had hair down to his shoulders and his fingernails were like talons. And I found a note, a very sweet note in my hotel room saying ‘glad you are here, I love you’ but I saw a man there who had no prospects, for one thing, and that he had some psychiatric difficulties and I didn’t see much of a life for myself with that sort of individual. So I left.

I hope you’ve guessed that Ron is a bipolar colleague. What fascinates me is the good shape he displays in phase (I). He’s certainly, at this moment, in an elevated mood to such an extent that Barbara want to procreate with him even if he’s not particularly physically attractive. You don’t need to be physically attractive with the dominance I’m defending on this blog. In phase (II) and (III), you notice that Ron is depressed. Logically, Barbara does not want to mate with him. This is extremely acute in phase (III). The fluctuations of dominance (bipolar disorders) have a powerful effect on human reproduction. Did you really believe that we were not animals? Well, we’re not only animals, but we are to some extents. You may think after these three testimonies that the diagnosis of bipolar disorder is not properly established. Bearing in mind that Barbara Kaye is a trained psychologist, her diagnosis is not the one of the man on the street.

The first time I made a clinical diagnosis of Ron was when I was with him in there. He had a house on Mel Avenue. He asked me to come there and he was in a deep depression. There was no doubt in my mind he was a manic depressive with paranoid tendencies. Many maniacs are delightful, apparently productive; they do all kinds of marvelous things and have tremendous self-confidence and talk and talk and talk, really hyper. He was like that in his manic stage – he was enormously productive and creative, he had big feelings of omnipotence, he talked all the time of grandiose schemes. It was extremely interesting in his case because he made his fantasies come true.

This highlights beyond reasonable doubt that the creator of one of the most powerful sect in the world was bipolar. Admittedly, to my knowledge, he didn’t have a history of psychiatric admission. However, his condition was visible enough to be noticed by his entourage. Nobody seems to realize the profound connection between the success of his sect and his bipolar condition. This is incredible. His case illustrates perfectly the relation between power and dominance. Question is how can you still be the master when dominance fluctuates? You need sectarian power which is stable and structured enough to guarantee a continuing exertion of domination. However domination is no longer dominance. Power is lithium for dominance, it keeps the conscious domination stable while dominance fluctuates. Power is a local dominance hierarchy that eclipses the dominance structure. One is conscious, the other is not. In the sect, the attribute that you need to beat the odds is the conscious level of belief or knowledge (bullshit) that you acquire in the sect. This gives you a status in the local dominance hierarchy. Moreover there can be a “police” in the local dominance hierarchy. Examples are numerous in the sects. They can be ideological and coercive.

The great success of Ron Hubbard is the integration of his sect into society. It is supported by some stars like Travolta or Cruise. It is not surprising that in this case there is no rape accusation. Ron is just a womanizer. Tang would like to be treated like that but his sect does not have the same widespread success. Society accepts the massive sexual activity when it recognizes as being a part of the system. In the following testimony, we have women who cheat on their husbands but this time everybody find it normal. In any case, Ron doesn’t escape the law of hypersexuality.

I accompanied him on a lecture tour in San Francisco and we were at the home of an attorney doing some legal work for Ron, and someone’s wife at the party enticed him into the kitchen, and I came upon them in the kitchen in an embrace. He was a womanizer. Every attractive woman was fair game to him.

To get the complete dominance picture, it is necessary to address a counter-intuitive sect feature. The guru is a happiness provider for this follower. Call that whatever you like, psychological benefit, positive affect. Reality is not the way we want to perceive it. A sect is not a bunch of poor fragile idiots suffering under the yoke of crazy gurus. Dominance necessarily implies a transfer of happiness among followers. Happiness is the cement of the sectarian group. When dominance is less powerful and more diffuse, it builds the more informal social networks of civilized “normal” people (see Hierarchy). Finally, this is a fact, dominance and truth are not in sync. Dominance only tells you that you are adapted to the environment. Can be part of the truth or can’t be. It depends also on what you call truth.

PAM KEMP – friend of Ron Hubbard and ex-scientologist:
He was really flamboyant, I mean he was full of life and he rode about on his Harley motorcycle, and we threw parties and he would play his guitar and sing and put on his cowboy hat and he was just lots and lots of fun. We would all get together and then we would do various exercises and we would go out and see if just with thoughts we could knock off policemen’s hats. What kind of power did we have in terms of thinking and thought and energy and that sort of thing. I mean, it was great fun.

Stephane Eicher / Déjeuner en paix
Est-ce que tout va si mal ? Est-ce que rien ne va bien ?
L’homme est un animal ” me dit-elle
Elle prend son café en riant
Elle me regarde à peine
Plus rien ne la surprend sur la nature humaine

(Does everything goes wrong, does nothing get better?
She tells me that Man is an animal
She takes her coffee, laughing
She hardly looks at me
Nothing surprises her over human nature)

2.2.2 Primitive Tribe

In the previous post, we have identified a pattern. Whenever we want to understand a complex phenomenon, our brains try to identify forms or patterns. According to Konrad Lorenz, this is the basis of the ethological approach. It is a specific way of thinking. The classical discursive thinking relies on assumptions and deductions within a linear framework whereas form perception is based on accumulation of information which is then processed by the brain in order to obtain representations stable enough to be combined and to be thought about. Even if Kant consider that to think is to judge in a discursive, we can apply the same idea to forms. Forms are simple model fetched in complex representation. They’re aimed at reconstituting the unity. It is very difficult to conceive the chaos so we submit it to the uniting order of our neural networks. The capacity to perceive recurring forms among heteroclite information is the basis of behavioral observation. Dominant behaviors in animals are easy to spot: most of the dominance hierarchies are based on violence. The dominance behavior in human is more subtle but it has always the same form in the dominance structure.

Whenever the female does not choose the dominant among the privileged members of a local dominance hierarchy (Anna Qvarnströma, Elisabet Forsgrenb, Trends in Ecology and Evolution 1998), it may be simpler to assume a less obvious, hidden dominance structure as defined in the hierarchy post. It would bring additional data to the females which would complete the information provided by the local dominance hierarchy where confrontations are visible. The dominance structure did not appear with the advent of Homo sapiens. Mother Nature must have had the opportunity to experiment such a selection system before. Whenever the female is the queen of the natural selection, in so far she’s given latitude to choose her mate, it is likely that additional data are available to her when she choose seemingly subordinate male. These data may be provided by an alternative hierarchy: the dominance structure. Why would Mother Nature give this extended choice to female compare to the less error prone systematic rape by the local dominant?

In humans, a local dominance hierarchy is a hierarchy where selection is carried out using explicit attributes (strength, velocity, muscles, size, industry, intelligence…) whereas, in the dominance structure, what really counts is the intensity of the honest signal of happiness. It is required to be part of a local dominance hierarchy because direct access is not permitted in the unconscious dominance structure, that is, in most cases. Local dominance hierarchies are here to generate happiness which is the reward for the good utilization of functions provided by the Evolution. These body and mind functions are improved within local hierarchy which substantiates the perfectibility of the humans at more or less constant DNA. However, at the end the day, women will be extremely sensitive to your happiness through the honest signaling. It opens a window so that your happy heart can be assessed.

In order to find suitable experimental conditions allowing the perception of the dominance structure in humans, it is absolutely necessary that violence is not part of the game. Otherwise, we would not see a dominance structure but a local dominance hierarchy based on intimidation, violence and fear. The previous pdoc case was interesting in this regard. How on earth women got esoterically caught in retrospectively unwanted sexual intercourses? There’s only one rational solution to this problem. The honest happiness signal of the pdoc was so intense that a powerful inhibitive unconscious message was sent by the pdoc unconscious channel and received by the limbic systems of the victims. This has lasted up to a point when the victims figured out that something wrong was happening. The conscious brain woke up and they accused the Pdoc of rape. I will maybe say something terrible, but they did not react, this could give the impression of consent to the pdoc indeed. The problem is that limbic brain agreed and the conscious brain was anesthetized. The neocortex was woken up by friends and a complaint was filed long after the story began. To me that sounds strange. There must be some kind of explanation.

In any case, consider the previous paragraph as a warning if you consider yourself as a dominant male. Be careful when you woo woman, you have to make sure that she’s willing both consciously and unconsciously to go in bed with you. Otherwise, you could go to jail, because law is a matter of conscious brain. The good news is that whatever you say has no such a big importance as demonstrated by the funny belief of the pdoc. What matters is the honest and subtle dominance signal. Our limbic system is capable of understanding it and send message to the neocortex so that it acts accordingly. That is, if and only if the signal is powerful enough. It provides an affective good or bad coloration of what the dominant does (talk, move, think..). If you look at a depressed people you will certainly not enjoy what they’re doing.

The second case study is going to focus on a person who cumulates all the experimental conditions necessary to perceive the dominance structure. Previously, I asserted that happiness generated from the local dominance hierarchy was the currency used in the dominance structure. This is valid for everybody except for two categories of people. The first category, bipolars, has a sort of wildcard because dominance does not fluctuate in accordance with the success in a particular local dominance hierarchy. It is swaying irrespective of the sanctions of the environment and thus reach uncontrollable peak. The second category is people that have an intense honest signaling without being particularly a genius in any dominance hierarchy. There is no symptom of manic behavior but the honest signal is intense, probably for genetic reasons. Robert Le Dihn (“Tang”) belongs to this second category. He is an extraordinary case to study in the sense that he is rare. I’m not going to perform an apology on this guy however I’m like the entomologist who’s just found a very rare specimen.

Tang is a guru. Approximately 20 members belongs to his sect. It is funny to note that society has more or less the same point of view on sect and on bipolar madness. In both cases, fear prevails on reasoning. In both cases, the same underlying phenomenon causes the same anxiety. I have shown that dominance was the hidden rationale behind the bipolar insanity. It will be much easier to demonstrate that it is also heavily involved in the cults so much so that it is overlooked the same way as in bipolar disorder. We don’t want to see it because of cultural reason. From an ethological perspective, we don’t care about culture; we care about facts and behaviors. Let’s try to find the truth through rational thinking. The ethological definition of a dominant individual is very simple: privileged access to resources and reproduction. Can we fit Tang into that picture?

Tang lived comfortably without working. The gifts of his followers paid for his lavish lifestyle. Hundreds of thousand euros helped him to purchase luxury cars and to indulge into his favorite vice, gambling. He didn’t have to resort to violence. Why would he have done so? His followers were giving money for the mystical I-ve-been-sent-by-Jesus snow job. They were not forced to. In fact they were paying for the dominant presence and provided him with the resources he actually needed to live. From Tang’s perspective, he was doing nothing wrong. How can you prevent people from giving you money? This is not about extortion, this is a about gift. In order to understand, you need to grasp this sentence from Machiavelli:”People will love you more for what they did for you than what you did for them”. If you don’t call this a preferential access to resources then something is wrong with your neural connections. There is no fight, nobody’s hurt but the result is the same as in bonobos: Resources go to dominant. What is really fascinating is that the submissive limbic brains are fully aware of their status and trigger consciously the transfer of resource complying with the dominance structure rule. This is motivated by a powerful and animal instinct which is difficult to spot under the mystical blah-blah which rules the community. So we have characterized one pillar of the dominance hierarchy which is the preferential access to resource. What about sex then? All you need to do is to listen to one of the lawyer of the trial. “This is a sex and money story”. Lawyers are sometime not far from truth.

Exactly like in the first pdoc case study, some once subjugated women from the sect suddenly wake up and accused the guru of rape. At the same time, some others continue supporting him. All women are perfectly inserted in society. Moreover the characteristic of this sect was a complete freedom of movement which demonstrates an undisputable power of organic attraction from the guru. So why on earth would you suddenly claim having being “raped” for 11 years? Again something is not logical. Truth, as disgusting as it may sound (I like ethology not moral lessons), is in Tang’s mouth. Tang had sex with the agreement of these women. They agree and they ask for it which is logical if you consider Tang as a dominant male. All the sexual intercourses in this debauched society albeit ruled by the word of Jesus (well, these things happen!), was a natural organization meant to fulfill the sexual needs of a dominant male. Since Tang was exceptionally dominant, there was no differential access to sex. Tang was the winner who takes all. This hypersexuality, not denounced as such because Tang is not ill, is exactly the same one I have experienced when manic. I can tell you it is quite impressing.

Access to reproduction and material resources qualifies Tang as a dominant. He doesn’t seem to belong to any local dominance hierarchy. He comes from a modest background and is not what you would call a sophisticated man. He was into martial art but did not prove exceptional achievement in this area. His dominance surely does not come from here. All in all, there seems to be no explicit attribute that makes Tang beat the random odds during all confrontations. It is logical to infer that another dominance system is in use here that makes Tang the preferred choice of female and the unrivalled leader of his community of followers. His followers are not weak. They are people who are well inserted in society. They have jobs and family. In the one hand, society is very attached to equality and in the other hand it acknowledges a weakness position in this kind of case. Something again is not logical here. But it is not that illogical if you consider that society is ok with both weakness and equality but not with strength. Society has asymmetrical values that prevent it to give the right explanation to the phenomenon. The followers are not weak. Tank is the strongest among normal people. He’s abnormally dominant in spite of his apparent vacuity. It is difficult to accept this fact by society. As dominant in the dominance structure, he provides happiness or positive affects to his followers. This is one of the major idea of my blog: To keep the community together, he needs to distribute something that will make all the followers willing to participate in sect activities and provide material and sexual resources. This distribution is performed using the honest happiness signal which rewards the receiver’s submission. I think society must completely disregard the misleading esoteric, mystical or religious vapor that surround the sects and focus seriously on the real ethologic issue which is dominance.

The press articles are funny to read. Journalist cannot hide their judgment on the current appearance of Tang. They wonder how this old pig could have had so much sexual success. They notice his hesitating words and the slowness when he talks. Let’s speculate a little bit on the reason why Tangs went to Jail. At the peak of his glory, he was the king of his community. He advised his followers about the choice of their sexual partners, their career, and the names of the children… Followers wanted his advice exactly like a primitive would do with an old tribe leader. Here there is a special behavior that can be spotted: Subordinate individuals request counseling from the dominant of the dominance structure. The same thing happened to me in manic episode. Usually people do not care about what I say (I must say I don’t take no offense for it). This behavior changes in manic episode. People are suddenly interested in my point of view and request me to express it. The subordinate male does not only offer his wife (more precisely, he won’t mind if Tang have sex with her) or provide material resource, he requests also the assistance of the dominant. This counseling is not power, it is influence which is the unstructured form of power. No coercion is involved.

So Tang is the king of the king? Unfortunately or fortunately: no! Exactly like Cinderella was not conscious of clock striking midnight, Tang was not conscious that his dominance was erratic like mine and that it slowly decreased in a way which was impossible to notice. His problems started when dominance reached a level where his grip on the community could not be sustained by an intense honest signal any more. Nobody consciously noticed the difference. However the limbic brain of some female members of the sect started to express doubt as to the advantage of copulating with Tang. The whole case of rape and sect started just at this moment.

According to me, we can observe a primitive tribe in the Tang’s cult. Morals, tradition or civilization doesn’t exist anymore. The ruler is a dominant evil. Women cheat on their husbands, the “social” hierarchy is despotic and parents expose their children to sexual insecurity (according to the trial). The social norm has completely evaporated and has been replaced by something else. From my perspective, this sect is surely a relevant model of the first Pleistocene tribes and the whole Tang phenomena should be analyzed as such. I elaborated a lot on dominance which come from the deepest self. I have stated that maybe the big Homo sapiens leap forward was a result of an excess of dominance converted into a selective gain. This process is also valid for the others dominance. We are normally all set to deal with it. However when it reaches high level, everybody should be aware that the rational brain is a critical asset to assess life according to your own interest. This is valid for both the external dominance (Guru) and the internal one (Mania).

The cardigans / Lovefool
Love me love me
say that you love me
fool me fool me
go on and fool me
love me love me
pretend that you love me
lead me lead me
just say that you need me

2.2.1 Pdoc Show

It’s difficult to be surprised these days. Fast-paced waves of news overwhelm us. World shockwaves destroy our capacity to be surprised. All this noise cannot be converted into structured knowledge. We are led to think that the world is chaotic and crazy. Newspapers and their on-line offsprings are constantly reminding us of the baffling irrationality of the world. They are drugs that anesthetize our capacity to be surprised. In Europe, there are young people which call themselves the “indignés” (outraged). I prefer to describe myself as a perpetual surprised individual. And this is beyond evil or good. Sometime, on a railway station platform, waiting for the train, I suddenly realize that I am and this awareness is always followed by surprise. It is difficult to explain. Well, I don’t need much to get surprised then.

In spite of my criticism, I will use the newspapers to try to show how I conceive dominance in this blog. It is not an easy job. In order to force it to come out of hiding you need to sharpen your capacity of being surprised. “Can you wait a minute, there’s something I don’t grasp here!”. Contrary to the popular belief, there’s nothing wrong in not understanding something. It shows that your surprise sense is awake. Then the normal understanding process can take place from where you’ve identified something peculiar. This step is necessary otherwise you’ll remain an idiot. We will see that dominance is a tool that enables you to complete this second step.

My first “victim” is a 68 years old psychiatrist. He’s going to undergo a full blown case study. I don’t have any hard feeling against this profession. However, I want to show that the best knowledgeable people in the secrets of the soul are not capable of spotting the dominance because it is subtly hidden. Whenever newspaper addresses the topic, it is not properly discussed because of an egalitarianism excess. I will use the News and my comments will stem from astonishment.

Source: Lefigaro.Fr
A 68 year old retired psychiatrist was tried by a court in Loire-Atlantique for having raped three former female patients. Aggravating circumstances were added to the rape accusation because of the authority linked to the psychiatrist status. During the Wednesday audience, two victims testified. The first one, aged 20 at the time of the case, filed a complaint in May 1998. The case was dismissed in 2000 but it was reopened in 2007 after a new complaint.
Because of anorexia, a young lady, aged 33 today, had started a therapy with this psychiatrist from 1997. After several verbal interviews, the doctor had dispensed massage that ended up having a sexual nature. According to the doctor, it was all about a Japanese technique called “Hara touching-massage”.
In July 2006, a nurse aged 56 today had filed a complaint for rape as well. She underwent a therapy between 1995 and 2000. First it consists in classical interviews but soon the psychiatrist would propose to start a “meditation through embrace” program. The doctor and her patient would move very close together whilst he was reciting some prayers. Afterwards, without clothes, the doctor would oblige the victim to perform fellatio. The patient ended the therapy in 2000. She filed a complaint following recommendations of friend, family and another psychiatrist.
The case makes the victim feel dirty and they expect the accused to recognize the facts. The defendant admits to have administered atypical treatment. However he denies the rapes. “I did not realize I was hurting them. I wanted to wake up their sensuality”. On Thursday, another patient of the pdoc is expected to testify as well as the psychiatric experts who examined the defendant. The verdict is expected on Friday.

Source: AFP (Agence France Presse)
On Friday, a former psychiatrist from the city of Nantes was sentenced to 8 years in jail by a court in Loire Atlantique. He was immediately put into jail for having raped three female patients under the pretense of administering so-called “atypical” therapies. Earlier in the day, a 10 years sentence was requested by the prosecutor against Charles Caillé, who retired in 2007, when the case began. The doctor was affirming to cure the illnesses of his patients through sexual contact and the trial was addressing the cases of three female patients between 1998 and 2000.
During the trial, the psychiatrist admitted misconducts however he strongly denied the rapes of his patients, arguing that they were consenting. According to the prosecutor, “He is a liar, a manipulator, also a deviant and a predator. He uses his intelligence to fulfill his sexual desires“. The prosecutor went on denouncing the convict’s use of a “so called medical jargon”. There was also another rape case raised by a fourth patients but it was closed due to prescription.
“I ask my patients for forgiveness, I’m not proud of me”. That’s what the convicted rapist told the court before the jury left to decide the ruling.”I’m really thankful toward the victims. They’ve enabled me to understand that I was way out of line”.

What we’ve got here is a psychiatrist being accused of rape by three patients. First of all, I need to make crystal clear that rape is a disgusting crime against women. This disgust is certainly stems from the regulation of the dominance hierarchy where subordinate male were immediately ostracized and punished for having cheated Mother Nature’s natural selection game. The law has logically condemned this violation of the dominance hierarchy social code. In France rape is defined by a “sexual aggression involving all sexual penetration actions from any kind, perpetrated on the other through violence, coercion, threat or surprise”. What strikes me in the previous news article is that violence does not seem to be involved in the case. I would like to read the complete verdict instead of the two articles. But for our purpose they are enough to generate at least an opinion which could be revised if need be.

So let’s exclude violence as well as threat and surprise. By the way, I don’t really know what a rape by surprise is. French Jurists are creative. So we are left with only coercion without violence. This is confirmed by the prosecutor: “He is a liar, a manipulator, also a deviant and a predator. He uses his intelligence to fulfill his sexual desires”. The extreme hostility of society is clearly expressed for all sexual intercourses that do not fit within the usual ethological courtship process whereby a male needs to prove several capacities in order to be accepted as a mating partner. The seduction process is long and costly because of the natural selective mood of the female. If we go back to the case, it seems that the pdoc is dominant but he does not know it himself. This is proved by his regret which can be deemed as sincere. He does not need a long courtship process. He seems to have a wildcard that enables him to coerce her patients without violence. In fact, it seems that the neocortex or conscious brain of both the patient and the pdoc have disconnected due to a profound archaic phenomenon: dominance.

How on earth can someone ended up giving a blow job to someone reciting prayers? With due respects to the victims, I can’t help starting to laugh when I think about it. How can you not being amazed or surprised? Of course, one can argue that the victims were fragile or simple-minded. This is always the explanations that are given in these cases. However it doesn’t account for the whole picture because weak people are very sensitive to aggression. Even light is considered as aggressive by some depressed people. The more you are fragile, the more you protect yourself. That’s a typical behavior in subdominance. We can get rid of low IQ explanation as well because we’re talking about sex here. Something more has happened. They have been subjugated. This is a word that smells like dominance. Intelligence or weakness has nothing to do with it. Or they’re partially involved, the main explanation being dominance.

A lot of people have experienced subjugation. In my professional life, I recall an interview I had with the director of an IT company that took over the consultancy where I’ve been working for 2 years. I did well and expected to be promoted. That did not happen so I wanted to have some explanations about it. I remember the word magic had prevailed after the interview. It disappeared so quickly that I ended up feeling cheated. The snow job had hold only in between the meeting room and the building exit. You can’t rely on a company where you figure out that you’ve been taken for an idiot only two minutes after its director’s speech, two minutes is too short! Thus I decided to resign and start a freelance career. I suddenly understood that I did not want to depend on these manipulative and arrogant liars. You really need to take care of your destiny at some point of time. Don’t put your life in the hands of vested interests. They use dominance to make us forget our own interest. We always have the choice to exert our free will. Never take an important decision during an interview. Take always time to think alone. The decision to go for a freelance career was the best decision for me. I was not particularly interested in the corporate rat race. I’ve worked 15 years with double salary. All in all, dominance is neither good nor evil. We need to be in charge of our decision. If you let the dominant makes it, they will not be in your best interest. Let your neocortex gives you a hand. It is the only one who is able to help in this situation. The tricky part is to detect the influence.

Let’s go back to the wild pdoc. The prosecutor denounces his intelligence the aim of which is to fulfill his sexual desire. That sounds surprising to me. From an evolutionary perspective, it is a good laugh. It has been tens of thousands of years that the Homo sapiens uses all its capacity to copulate. Without his intellectual parade, intelligence could not have survived after its detection by happiness. How many hominids have elevated themselves in the dominance hierarchy thanks to their intelligence and adaptation capability? I read somewhere that Cecilia Sarkozy was extremely impressed by the intellectual capacity of her husband. So in the name of what this should be a reproach against the pdoc? Maybe you can get away with everything if you are a visible top of the dominance hierarchy. I really thought that there was a sexual liberation in France in 68. I believed that we could have sex with the consent of a vicar or a prosecutor. Is fulfilling his sexual desire that evil? Come on we are in 2011! The prosecutor lays the emphasis on the wrong question. He completely disregards the nature of the constraint that he unfortunately does not elaborate on.

From an ethological perspective, I declare that this pdoc is innocent. He played a game that he could not control and he did not understand what happened to him. I think that his remorses are somehow sincere. I fully admit that he had an authority position. But think of the tens of thousands managers that use their position to fulfill their sexual desires. Nobody blames them for that because in some ways it is considered as normal. It is as though their rank in the official power dominance hierarchy provided them an innocence certificate, a license to fuck. The pdoc had not authority; he had dominance, the animal dominance I’m addressing in this blog. Of course, I would need some more information like his insertion in society, his social network and his psychology in order to be more accurate in the diagnosis. However I’m sure that he was happy, very happy. He did a moral mistake I don’t see this as a full blown sex crime. Someone needs to explain to me why a woman can get raped during 5 years long and then realizes after this period that she has been effectively raped. Furthermore, the realization process was encouraged by third party individual. Something is not logical. I’m only saying that the notion of consent is more complex than usually thought. Of course if violence was proved then I’d change my mind however the prosecutor does not mention it. Lies, intelligence and manipulation seem to be the exclusive coercion causes. There was no physical violence, no shout. I can understand that psychological violence could be argued. However, in this case, we enter a domain where a lot of things could be qualified as such. The legal rape scope would suddenly enlarge itself far beyond its today’s limit. If a blow job obtained from a snow job is liable for prosecution then half the earth population would need to find a good lawyer.

In conclusion, what is the point in discussing the pdoc case? Don’t you find it strange that the pdoc and the bipolar patient look similar in many ways? Dominance expresses itself behind the scene for the psychiatrist. Dominance is eruptive for the manic bipolar patients.

  • Hypersexuality
  • Influence (Bipolar are known for their manipulative capacity, it depends on the mood)
  • Syntonia (Capacity to disconnect the conscious brain to intrude the intimacy)
  • Society’s rejection, Bipolars end up in hospital, the pdoc in court.
  • Mystical or bizarre terminology

Of course there are differences. The pdoc has no racing thoughts or abnormal motor functioning. However it appears that the intensity of the honest signal reaches a peak while the subject keeps on adapting well to the environment. The brakes that I was mentioning in a previous post are already doing their job. What really dragged my attention in this case study was the pdoc’s atypical treatments which turned out to be based on funny mystical beliefs, after some internet research. They prove a controlled verbal creativity and testify that the self-esteem is very high. I remind you that self-esteem at its peak is a danger for your logical brain and lead you to believe anything, especially because you cannot be contradict by the environment any more. It is consistent also with the fact that he pdoc acts irrespective of the legal consequences of his deeds. He or his limbic brain thinks that he’s stronger than the law and generally accepted behaviors.

Source: MensongePsy.com
Psychiatry. Sodomy, last rampart against psychosis? March, 20th 2011
Welcome to the manipulation world, where the pubis is called a “Hara”, where sodomy can be the last shield against psychosis and where chakras are opened when underwear are pulled down. “He shelters himself behind a fake psychoanalysis”. The former 68 year old psychiatrist currently being put to trial for having raped three patients was harshly assessed by his colleagues in charge of examining him. For instance, Charles C. justifies the genital massage as being a part of the “chakra energy treatment”. According to psychiatrist Serge Bornstein, he uses bizarre philosophical and mystical theory and also an original verbal material. Above all, the convicted hides himself behind an opaque screen whenever fellatios and digital penetrations inflicted to his patients are discussed. According to psychologist Jean-Luc Viaud,”He admits misdemeanor but denies rape…The image of mystical and esoteric psychiatrist effectively hides his true personality”

Dead Kennedys / I fought the law (And I won)
Drinkin’ beer in the hot sun
I fought the law and I won
I fought the law and I won
I needed sex and I got mine
I fought the law and I won
I fought the law and I won
The law don’t mean shit if you’ve got the right friends
That’s how this country’s run

2.1 Intro

“In Vivo” is a Latin word which means “within the living”. I think it is a good symbol of what I want to address in the second part of this essay. If dominance exist the way I defined it then it must be easy to spot it within the living, the natural milieu where it evolves. Maybe you’ll find this part less structured as the first one, even less scientific. I’ll release all my thoughts in a dialectical way. However, reasoning will still be thorough and the first theoretical part will still be its reference, acting either as a slave or as a master of my assertions, my doubts or my questionings. Believe it or not, I don’t assert with utter certitude. Certitudes are dangerous for me. They’re ok at euthymia but only god knows what they could become during my ups. If you want to cope with manic episode, you need to get used to questioning all your profoundest certitudes. All secret thoughts could suddenly occupy your mind foreground during a manic episode. You need to learn to resist all forms of convictions, even the ones you consider as the most moral and the truest. Well actually they’re the most dangerous ones because self-esteem is going to turn them into absolute certitudes. Question mark is the life symbol for maniac. This is the only god you need to worship.

There is one item on which I want lay the emphasis on. I will remain thorough in the methodology. What’s at stake here is my truth in so far it serves me as containing my manic episodes. True or false will always prevail on good or evil. We saw that happiness, the sovereign good, hides the cruelty of dominance in the struggle for life. Maybe I will somehow offend but I think this the price to pay to reach my truth. I like the Nietzschean approach beyond “good and evil”. I think it is the only to create new interpretation table. Good and evil act exactly as our habits and our gregariousness in so far it prevents us from closing in on truth. What I want to assert is very simple. That’s why it is so blinding. Let’s try and see if the theory can shed a new light on phenomena which are upfront irrational.

If you link mood and dominance, then suddenly a lot of things will make sense. This theoretical linkage has a wide experimental span: life, our lives, and our stories. Maybe I want to see what I want to see, but this is natural when you think by yourself. Thinking by yourself opens up vast virgin territories which sit next to psychology, religion, science and the daily news flow. These vast territories can be explored if you open up your mind, believe in experimental science and learn to think against your own prejudices. The kingdom of question marks is a really exciting place to live in. We’ll replace some, not with certitudes, but with knowledge. To achieve just that, we need to think beyond prejudices.

Let’s play card on the tables. Do you really think that our world was egalitarian? I think you’re worshipping an icon here. Look at society and you’ll understand that people like a representation of reality which strongly deviates from the real thing. You could say that equality is a goal to reach. I think this is wrong. We are genetically programmed to achieve the highest status in society given our genes and our memes. People that promote forced equality consider that the human being is a white paper where new stuff can be coded (learned behaviors). Unfortunately, that’s not the whole story. True, you have some latitude to decide or learn what you want to do but the ultimate why and what for is hardcoded deeply in your genes and instincts.

For example, when you court a woman, you can show how clever or strong you are the way you want, you can decide to which restaurant you want to go or which movie you are going to see, but, in the end, there is no coincidence that you will, at some point, hopefully, find yourself in bed with her inserting your penis into her vagina. Mother Nature is stubborn. The problem with people who want to go against her is that they usually need an army of cops, secret police and fear to enforce the brave new man which will be unhappy because he’ll be barred from achieving what he is genetically meant to achieve.

You could argue that we need police to prevent our archaic violent instinct. That’s true. However it is not in the interest of everyone to be violent and the net happiness return of exerting violence against your fellow individual is overall extremely low. Repression of violence is accepted by 90% of people. Civilized societies have decided to naturally select its members not on the basis of violence but on the basis of something that we have called happiness in this blog. Don’t believe in people who want to create a new man. We have a history (phylogeny) that started 4 billion years ago and model, ideology or religions are pernicious if they want to change us with their tragic wand.

But again, did you really think that we are living in a la la land where everybody is equal? Mother Nature makes it clear those social animals build dominance hierarchy. And we are social animals. It is an inequality between individuals not between races, groups or civilization. In essence, being poor does not (always) mean being unhappy. Someone who lives in a so called poor country can live happily and defeat you in the dominance structure based on the happiness honest signal. We’re dealing with the root inequality here, the dominance based evaluation of Mother Nature who does not care about gender, race, nationality, job situation or personal beliefs. She only pays attention to your capacity of being happy that is, the recognition of your success in struggle for life. Equality is, in this regard, an intellectual swindle. It is not grounded in reality. And, again, the more you recede from reality, the more you are going to need an army of cops or secret police to enforce the doctrinal bullshit born in a sick albeit clever mind.

All inequalities assumed upfront are despicable (race, nationality…). I’m talking of a demonstrated inequality here. You’re not happy because the Holy Ghost wants it. It is because you did something for it and somehow you deserve it. Moreover the dominance structure is not carved in marble. It evolves according to your mood, happiness or dominance which are strictly equivalent terms for our purpose. Also, in 80% of the case, there is no dominance relationship because most people share the same level of dominance (euthymia). No need to be ashamed of being submissive, it depends on you to recover. That is, if you avoid the vicious circle of depression. Others need to be used to this purpose. They will bring you back to happy normodominance. If you are too low, they will just abandon you. The most hurting inequality is solitude. What’s the use of freedom when you alone? This is a consolation only for low status individual. I will always remember what a homeless asserted on a documentary. “I’m free”. Who want this freedom? No one! This is where the freedom extremists want to lead us.

We’re in 2011 and the past validate my approach. Philosophers have given up trying to understand the human reality. More and more they are superseded by science (Psychology, ethology, psychiatry) because vocabulary like being, nonbeing looks like religious belief to me. But there’s a difference with religion. At least, religion tries to speak about us. Philosophy is stuck with opinion, funny ideas or doxa. It piles up words as if attempting to escape reality or better, wining a beauty contest in the local dominance hierarchy of the gifted talkative individual. Somehow Socrates is losing ground vis-à-vis Gorgias and Protagoras. However I don’t think Plato is right in saying that there are perfect essences from which an imperfect world is created. There is one reality. Everything can be understood by the human mind or the one which will emerge in hundreds of centuries. Of course you need to have a lax idea of what you include in reality. In any case, for some, worshipping perfection means correlatively stigmatizing reality. I’m not one of them. I’m really suspicious of abstract ideas. I’m more of an observer because I did a mistake that set me apart in this world. I have a vision from nowhere, from a no man’s land where only few people went. It is an efficient way to observe from outside though. In the next posts, you’ll discover somehow the result of these observations. These are observations processed by logical thought and fueled by madness.

I was thinking about these idiotic and criminal ideologists like Marx. They never went to the last conclusion of their brilliant thoughts. Indeed, they always focused on money because they were obsessed with it. You have noticed that during the 1917 revolution it was not sufficient to withdraw the money from the rich and let them play according to the new rules. There was an additional urge to kill or humiliate them because somehow you needed to eliminate not only property but the happiness that goes with it (On 30 January 1930 the Politburo approved of the extermination of kulaks as a class.). But richness is not the real thing in the dominance structure. It is just a part of the picture. The last idiotic ideological step has been avoided and you need to wonder why. It has been described by the talented Aldous Huxley in Brave New World. In this book ideology goes into the alcove of evolution. Everyone sexually belong to everyone and an omniscient state promotes these behaviors. Why haven’t we had this kind of brilliant ideology implemented? Maybe something, that is called humanity, has prevented this horror. The big loser from an evolutionary perspective would have been women who are the natural selector.

Dead Kennedys / California über alles
Now it is 1984
Knock-knock at your front door
It’s the suede denim secret police
They have come for your uncool niece
Come quietly to the camp
You’d look nice as a drawstring lamp
Don’t you worry, it’s only a shower

1.7.3 Highlights

This post ends the theoretical part of the essay. The main item to remember is the major link between bipolar disorder and dominance. This link is especially visible during the manic episodes of bipolar patients. However, mania and dominance are not exactly the same. Heat and temperature are not identical concept. The best proximate definition for dominance is mood which is the generally accepted psychiatric terminology. It is a revolutionary definition in the sense that dominance is not any more a fixed trait but a physiological variable or a volume knob that regulates the body and mind in two ways : up and down. During Mania, the volume is turned up full blast so much so that it exceeds the innate and acquired capacity of the subject. No need to say that some people have a better control on the dominance fluctuations. In some posts on bipolar forum, you can read people who brag about this resistance. In general, the selective value can be different for the same level of dominance. One guy will be hypomanic (dominant) whereas another could face a full blown mania (overdominance). Resistance all depends on your genes and on your memes (moral values, habituation, and way of life…).

New theory needs new words. I’ve invented some to describe the bipolar disorder with a more ethological flavor. Underdominance and subdominance corresponds respectively to melancholia and mild depression. I need to stress again that the final selective value will depend on the individual. Indeed it is not absurd to think that natural selection is going to provide the tools necessary to cope with low dominance level (dysthymia). Jean Albou describes in his book “Un fou dans l’art” how he was riveted in bed while severely depressed. I could still go to work when I was diagnosed severely depressed. Memes and genes can help you out also in depressed moods. Normodominance is the average dominance. It is the euthymia ethological counterpart. It groups 80% of the population and act as a reference to detect abnormal form of dominance. Hypomania or dominance is the level of dominance which is accepted by society which rewards social performance. Intuitively, hyperthermia and hypomania are proximate concept that can be group under the dominance item. Eventually, I’ve defined overdominance as a state where dominance exceeds the control capacity of the subject and makes him derail from the environmental track.

I did create these dominance based words because I did not find the concept I would have expected in both psychiatry and ethology. I wonder why I’m the first one to think about the bipolar disorder in terms of dominance. I think there are several reasons. The first reason is that mentally ill are constantly reminded that they are crazy and sick. Thus it may appear difficult to try to grasp what’s really going on during a manic episode. Everybody’s telling that you are crazy and sick. Everybody convince you that it is a temporary illness and that the “you” who was acting was not you. It is superfluous to try to understand something which is sick, crazy and not you. As far as I’m concerned I’ve never thought that I was someone else. In spite of all treatments and all psychiatric guidelines, I’ve never thought that my self got interrupted. It was another form of me, maybe an “overme” but not a sick me. The second reason is technical. Dominance is considered most of the time as a fixed tangible trait. In the definition I have provided, dominance is variable and is also an internal regulative/regulated fluctuation which is closely related to evolution. Do you really think that evolution is going to comply with social regulation and “do not walk” signs? We’re not sick, we’re different and this has a Darwinian sense if you try to understand how innate or acquired behaviors are created.

We’re different and Science is used to carry out the rejection. We’re filtered out in a strange natural selection kind of way. We’re different and so we get punished. I was watching a French documentary on a mental institution. It is striking to note that the doctors and their assistant do not (cannot) cure. They constantly threaten and punish. On top of that, one of the chief doctors can brag that he has unnecessarily locked up a patient and get away with it. Mental illness is a world where the law is enforced by psychiatrist. They can do mistake that would be deemed intolerable for normal people: They can lock us up without judgment or force us to swallow substances that would not be given to dogs. Commemorative plaques were granted for Jews and homosexual in Auschwitz. Have you ever heard from one that commemorates the treatment that Nazis inflicted to mentally ills? In France you have no right to film handcuffed convicted whilst it is perfectly accepted to do so for someone under a zyprexa treatment. Dignity is not something that society easily grants for mentally ill.

Other turning swords prevent bipolar disorder from being rationally thought. Madness is by definition a non-sense. You cannot think about a non-sense, can you? Common sense cannot think about this black hole. The black hole needs to be kept away. Moreover society’s is powerless to provide comfort or happiness. Thus there’s something broken in the dominance relationship which is precisely based on happiness. So let’s lock “them” up so that we don’t see them undermining our own happiness.

When I review the previous lines, I’m struck by my own violence and sheer vehemence. There are two irreconcilable points of view which live together in me. There is the animal in me shouting his revolt against the system that locked me up and forced me to swallow substances that are detrimental to my physiological (Thyroid) and psychological (Long term effect of Tercian ?) integrity. After all, I did not break any laws during my episode. Why was I locked up? How is it possible to understand that your own parents signed a paper that sent you to a place which is a proximate to hell? But of course, there is also the reasonable human who accept what’s best in his long term interest. This human point of view will always prevail. My Pdoc, My parents and the cops have saved my life. The animal in me leads to a certain death because some natural selection laws have decided this way.

All in all, how dare I think about this disease in terms of dominance? Maybe this concept is a little bit scary. Humans do want to recognize that they are governed by it. The fact that happiness is the dominance mediator does not change thing much. Cruelty remains the name of the game even if we play a psychological game. Nietzsche did speak a lot about this underlying cruelty. Happiness is a nice concept but the strings of the puppet are held by cruel dominance. This contradiction is necessary. Isn’t it necessary that we believe in rosy la la land whilst the relentless natural selection acts behind de scene? Let’s get real, and this blog will teach you just how to do it. Let’s think about the world in a more realistic and funny way!

Les inconnus / C’est toi que je t’aime (French punk rock parody)
Je sais pas comment te dire
Ce que je peux pas écrire
Faudrait qu’j’invente des mots
Qu’existent pas dans le dico

I don’t know how to say to you
what I cannot write
Need to invent words
That are not in the dictionary

1.7.2 Falsification

I did not resort to the classical thesis, antithesis and synthesis model to express my theory. It now times to examine it as such. First, I need to stress that I’m not a recognized specialist in the ethologic or Darwinian fields. I expressed within its conceptual framework what is usually described as symptoms of bipolar madness. There’s a thin line between symptoms and behaviors, between psychiatry and ethology. But this line is not crossed as often as you would think. To me, it brings more sense to think my disease in terms of both ethology and psychiatry. Bipolar disorder has now a meaning and a conceptual dimension within the Darwinian model. Before coming up with these ideas, I was crazy. Now I know a little more why I’m crazy and what is exactly my inner enemy.

This knowledge is part of the illness containment strategy especially the ups because my downs are not really difficult to cope with. Fortunately, I’m just mildly depressed when the sun set. All in all, this theory is kind of a therapy. It is not a substitute for medication. But, at least I can understand what’ going on, it gives some sense to it. It is an in-house psychoeducation (Don’t read an education for psychos!). It does not contradict science and medicine, it is just a plus. He reinforces the treatments in the sense that it deepens the understanding that you can’t fight the disease alone. If you’re sane, you have no ideas of the sheer power of what hit us during the manic episodes. I would call it the dark energy of the natural selection which radiates from the profoundest core of the human being. It pulls our strings. Sane people are not aware of it because the strength of the strings slowly or never changes. We’ll discuss philosophical implications of these statements in next posts.

At the moment I just want to stick to science. So far, I have adopted a scientific approach. I’ve tried to assert and demonstrate even though the phenomena discussed here were subjective to a large extent. I’ve utilized publications and concept from science in order to illustrate the ideas that I’ve elaborated on. In doing so, I’ve given them a new sense in a new thinking framework. I don’t think that I’ve twisted them that much, I’ve just used them. I’ve got a backbone which is my bipolar experience and then I try to aggregate the scientific flesh around it so that it makes new radical sense. What’s new must be examined with caution though. A clever genius could lead us nowhere.

In order to fight the clever genius, let’s take a step back and consider the content of this blog not as a theory but as a simple hypothesis. There are not a lot of epistemological tools to make the distinction between what’s pure non sense and something that could be worth investigating. There is one though which is simple and efficient. The falsifiability model was proposed by Popper. Of course, it is not the panacea but it main advantage lies in its easiness of application and its adequate level of complexity for my ignorant brain.

Source : Falsifiability, Wikipedia
In the philosophy of science, falsifiability or refutability is a quality or characteristic of a scientific hypothesis or theory. Falsifiability is considered a positive (and often essential) quality of a hypothesis because it means that the hypothesis is testable by empirical experiment and thus conforms to the standards of scientific method. That something is “falsifiable” does not mean it is false, rather it means that if it is false, then observation or experiment will at some point demonstrate its falsehood. For example, the assertion that “all swans are white” is falsifiable, because it is logically possible that a swan can be found that is not white. Not all statements that are falsifiable in principle are falsifiable in practice.[1] For example, “It will be raining here in one million years” is theoretically falsifiable, but not practically so.

First of all, I’ve surmised that mood and dominance were two concepts somehow connected. Thus bipolar disorder would become a dominance disorder. In order to falsify this hypothesis, you would need to experimentally break the link between mood and dominance. Is it possible to carry out such an experiment? The answer is yes. If you inject in rats a medication that impacts the mood on human, it affects their dominance. This experiment was done by Malatynska and Knapp in 2005. It demonstrates that dominant/submissiveness patterns are a good model for bipolar ups and downs. It is a model or reality? If you read the publication, the author seems always to imply that dominance and mood are clearly connected. To me, it is more than a connection. They are talking about the same thing. In essence, you could count the sexual interactions of a medicated bipolars compare to a hypomaniac. You would certainly see that the hypomanic will have more sexual intercourses (hypersexuality), thus more selective value, thus a more dominant status. This is a possible experiment albeit extremely difficult to set up due to ethical consideration. But here I only want to make it clear that it is possible to set up experiments that falsify the theory. As far as I’m concerned I could imagine a thousand amusing experiments that’d demonstrate the link between dominance and mood. Dominance science is a funny knowledge, a gaya scienza.

My second assumption consists in linking separated manic symptoms to an increase in the selective value. Physical strength, hypersexuality, hypersyntonia contributes significantly to the fitness. The first two are obvious. Hypersyntonia or heightened emotional resonance provides a capacity to manipulate other individuals giving you a competitive advantage in the struggle for life. In order to refute me, you would need to demonstrate that the symptoms do not contribute to fitness. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not speaking of the whole individual here. I’m speaking of traits taken separately. This demonstration is not possible and we don’t need an experiment for this. Symptoms contribute to fitness by definition. If you argue that strength and sexuality are not part of the fitness, you are crazy and I can’t do anything to help you.

Once again, manic hypersexuality is the proof that something has transmuted the euthymic subject. Once again, psychiatrists are not surprised that sex becomes suddenly easy. Access to sex is not easy for everyone and that should not be a surprise from an ethological point of view. It is easy for some people because they are more dominant than the others. Sexual and woman liberation are not a revolution. They are a great return to business as usual for Nature. We’ll need to discuss what exactly sexual liberation means in more details in a next post. But in essence, the fact that females can copulate with whomever they choose is not an intellectual victory for feminists. It is Nature victory against a perverted social order. Women are the queens of evolution.

Let’s go back to madness. I have attempted to show that dominance drives critical endogenous parameter. It fluctuates and drives them to a point where the community can only note the insane behaviors. I have to admit that these internal observations are purely experimental even existential. I did not cling to the classical and etymological definition of dominance. I’ve gone further than the mere fact of being dominant, I have defined it as a body and mind regulative function which acts as an amplifier or a catalyst of the self. It is an existential assumption, I cannot prove that it exists or not but I can experiment its effects. I’ve used such concept as happiness and self-esteem. They are, in essence, very difficult to delimit and to compare due to their subjectivity. No one can link them to their neurologic basis.

Thus I can only acknowledge that dominance, happiness and self-esteem belong to distinct semantic lineage and I can only rely on the experience that has been cumulated in these words. I don’t know if those words correspond to a specific homeostatic regulation, to a set of physiological variable (neurotransmitter, hormones) or to neural maps. However I do know that dominance forces my mind to change in various functioning fields such as thought speed, self-esteem and happiness. One can find it arbitrary to distinguish between happiness and dominance but I feel that an upset “something” take command of my happiness as well as others functions.

That is it for endogenous parameter. For me, the exogenous cause was the main cause that made me losing it. The change in behavior of others was the most difficult part to manage for my brain. I have shown that this change of behavior was a consequence of my theory. Mood is an internal psychiatric variable which has no impact on the environment. However dominance does. That explain logically why people change their behaviors vis-à-vis me during my manic episode. I’ve also shown that dominance reflects itself in both an internal (happiness) and external (honest signal) fitness indicator. On this basis, people subconsciously evaluate themselves and dominance structures are shaped as a result of this assessment. That assumption is refutable because you could prove that dominance structures are not based on happiness. This experiment is possible and has been already carried out. Results are in favor of my theory. People do build relationships according to happiness. There’s a theoretical argument that dominance does not change people’s behavior. Again a simple experiment could be set up using the old muscular form of dominance. I would be surprise if this experiment hasn’t been carried out in the field of social psychology. I think the result would not be surprising too. Indeed dominance change people’s behavior. That’d be foolish to argue on this point. The other point that the blog covers is what is dominance exactly? Is it always Mister T based?

All in all, I believe that I did not violate my reason for having built this conceptual edifice. I think it is very easy to grasp (See Ockham razor), very linear and explain a lot of things as we shall see in the second part of the blog essay. That’s funny to observe that it all started with women. They drive us really crazy. In the second part of the blog, I will address all consequences of the theory. Maybe it will sound less structured, less linear, but we’ll see. In any case, the first part is a prerequisite to understand what I write. If you skip one post, there’s a risk that you won’t understand what I’m talking about. Don’t hesitate to ask question, I shall amend the theory if needed.

Soul Asylum / Runaway Train
I can go where no one else can go
I know what no one else knows
Here I am just drownin’ in the rain
With a ticket for a runaway train
Everything is cut and dry
Day and night, earth and sky
Somehow I just don’t believe it